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Next up is Simone, 19 from Lenexa, Kansas. She's a sophomore at Duke, but her real passion is modeling. Simone tells us that she's a bit of an overachiever, and her two life goals are to be a Victoria's Secret model or Hillary Clinton. If Victoria's Secret had been around when Hills was a sophomore at Wellesley, she probably would have faced a similar dilemma. Tyra notes that Simone doesn't feel super-accepted in a certain community. It turns out that black women don't "seem to want to be friends" with Simone. Ah, it's Kelle 2.0! Simone thus joined the Delta Gamma sorority, where she is the only black girl of 75 members. Simone hears a lot that she acts like a white girl, and was nicknamed Oreo. She says that this is who she is and how she was raised, and she doesn't plan to change. Simone's real problem is that she acts like a very annoying white girl. Jay loves her, and says that if you don't have to listen to her she's kind of awesome. It's true that she's gorgeous and her body is phenomenal. Let's hope she doesn't discover her snout and let it all go to hell.

Raina, 22 from Minnetonka, Minnesota, talks to the other girls about her impressive volleyball career. She looks kind of like a Denise Richards/Anna Chlumsky hybrid, in what I think is mostly a good way, but at certain angles makes it seem like she should be lip synching for her life. Raina was always the tallest girl in her class, and had huge buckteeth. The past tense might be a bit misleading, there. She was very shy and had no friends. She seems lovely and well-adjusted now, though. Then there's Jessica, 18 from Conway, Arkansas, who reveals that she's married and has a one-year old boy. Alasia is shocked. Jessica is sweet as Arkansas sweet tea, and loves two things in the world: her family and the modeling industry.

Jessica goes before the panel looking like a ray of sunshine. Tyra points out that Jessica conceived her son the first time she had sex. Jessica has no idea how it happened. Abstinence-only education at work! Her doctor told her she's very fertile. Nobody apparently told her about condoms. Jessica was 16 when she met her baby daddy, who was 22. They met at church, which she thinks is ironic but I think is actually pretty typical. Jessica got married at 16 and had a baby at 17. Her parents disapproved completely, as did Jessica's church. She and her husband are not accepted there because of how they chose to do things. But... they got married and she had the baby. Wouldn't the other way of choosing to do things be less acceptable to the church? Mr. Jay points out that he saw something a little edgy in her. Ms. J. defines that as "getting knocked up at 16."

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