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Seven beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has six photos in her hands. And those photos represent the six of them who will be going to New Zealand. The first name that Tyra calls has the best photo of the week, and will be flying first class on the 22-hour flight to New Zealand. The honor goes to Krista, who is understandably psyched. The next name that Tyra calls is Angelea, followed by Raina, Jessica, and Alasia. This leaves Alexandra and Anslee in the bottom two. Anslee's face is stunning, but the judges fear that she might just be a beauty model, good only from the chest up. When the camera pulls far away and gets her from head to toe, it becomes bland. Then there's Alexandra. She takes pretty decent pictures, and every now and then has an absolutely stunning photo. But the judges sense a lack of drive and desire to be in the competition. So who stays? Alexandra. The judges want to feel her passion, and Tyra tells her it's time to go into overdrive and stop being so damned depressing. Anslee cries and thanks Tyra as she gets a hug. Tyra tells her to go home and practice making her body as strong as her face.

Anslee leaves, and then Tyra tells Krista that she gets to choose someone to fly first class with her. She goes for Angelea, and I can only imagine the trouble these two will get into with unlimited Bloody Marys at their disposal. We then cut back to packing Anslee. She's disappointed that she's not going to New Zealand with the other girls, particularly since she's never been out of the country. However, she's excited to be able to see her daughter, even though she's devastated that she's let her down. Her daughter's, like, two, right? I think she's just going to be happy to see her mom. Anslee got further than she had expected, and sees that as an accomplishment. She now gets to head home, where she can store her frozen vegetables as she sees fit.

Next time: New Zealand! The girls head from the plane to go-sees, and pose with sheep!

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