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When we return, J. announces that the audience will choose their favorite for the evening. This is where the real fear should come in. Drag queens will read you to filth, as we have learned from one Miss Jujubee on RuPaul's Drag Race. A runway is rolled out, and Angelea is first to walk. She tells us that she did her thing while she walked and they were loving her, though I have to say I expected more. We don't even see her famous cat scratch maneuver! Jessica is next, and gives her hair a little tousle as she walks. Miss J. says she seems like she's walking on hot coals. Jessica interviews that she wanted to bring out the classiness of her dress and herself, like Pat taught her. Alasia is next, and is inspired by the divalicious vibes of Lucky Cheng's.

Alexandra tells us that she thinks she can work through the pressure and make it happen. She walks onto the runway and... well, let's let Jessica put things succinctly for us: "Alex? Her walk wasn't the best." Alexandra stomps like a horse, and Miss J. asks, "Girl, what the front door was that?" At least she wasn't hit by anything. Small victories. Raina is next, looking very Valley of the Dolls. She smiles and twirls and has fun as Miss J. exclaims, "Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle." And then there's Krista. She sashays to the end of the runway, and does a full-on mannequin turn. The crowd goes crazy, and Krista loves it. Jessica tells us that even though she doesn't click with Krista, she has to give it up to the girl for owning it like she did. Anslee is last. She tells us that she has no trouble showing her own personality, but tends to get into trouble when she tries to act like somebody else. So she decides to go out there and be her stern, hunchbacked self. Miss J.'s commentary is, "I think she walked like she smelled burnt garbage!" The audience is not impressed, and neither is Angelea.

The girls all stand before the audience, and an applause-o-meter measures the response. Alasia is first, and on a dreck to major to fierce scale (with dreck being lowest and fierce being highest), she's solidly in the "major" field. Angelea is major heading into fierce. Anslee gets absolutely no applause. That's dreck personified. Jessica is barely major, while Raina is solidly major. Alexandra is fairly dreck. And then there's Krista. She is fully fierce, and is named the winner! Alexandra is crushed yet again. She hates being a loser. Tyra loves nothing more than making girls who hate being losers lose, so I have a feeling that Alex is in for some more misery. For her victory, Krista will win a specially designed piece by Whitney Port and five other pieces from her collection. As last week's best photo, Angelea also gets five pieces from Whitney's collection. Krista is very happy to win the challenge, but will not rest until she gets the best photo of the week.

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