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Tyra then ships the girls off to meet with Kelly Cutrone, who is waiting at an old derelict warehouse. She wants the girls to know about all the aspects of the fashion industry -- not only in front of, but behind the camera. Their challenge is to create an ad campaign for Kelly's client, is a top tier, online British retailer. The Brits already know about Very, so Annaliese thinks they have an edge. The theme for the campaign will be love and luxury. How about love and luxury and Harvard Business School and 30-Never? There are two teams -- the Brits and the Americans, naturally -- but the girls will be shooting individually. This shoot will encompass their photo for the week. Each team will have to have girls in different roles including a leader, and people to do wardrobe, hair and make-up, props, and casting. The photo shoot is the next day, and also there is random shilling for the Virgin Mobile phone. Making Cutrone do the dirty work on her first week on the job! I know it's the wrong show, but I would love to hear her try to sell Jennie-O turkey at some point this season.

The teams split up, and the Brits seem to want Annaliese to be their leader. Azmarie is quickly chosen as the leader for the Americans. Both teams strategize for a bit, until Kelly tells them to "Go, go, go, go" and rolls her eyes. It kind of makes you long for the boring niceness of Twiggy, even. There is some confusion amongst the Brits, and Kelly sternly asks who is the leader. Annaliese cops to it, and Kelly tells her that she's not leading it. Poor Annaliese is terrified, and to make matters worse Kelly points at herself and says, "This is a fierce leader." She then points at Annaliese and says, "This is a confused leader." From the stress of it all, Kelly Cutrone has apparently swallowed her own lips. She says that the fashion world is a cutthroat business, and you can't show any sign of weakness. And poor Annaliese has already shown a bunch of it! As we think about whether Cutrone is going to have her seared or tartare, we head to commercials.

When we return, Annaliese tells us that the Brits have decided to go with a '60s British Mod theme. Always cute! Cutrone grills her about the prop situation, and isn't pleased to hear that prop masters Alisha and Catherine are probably only going to get six or so props. Louise picks at her lips the whole time Cutrone is talking to them, then in an interview tells us how stank she is. Laura and Kyle are the prop masters for the American team, and everyone arrives at the Universal Studios prop house. They have $1,000 to spend, which may not be enough to buy the life-sized bear with a piece of cheese on his head. As they shop, we learn that the Americans have settled on a Punk Love theme. Both teams go for some elegant chairs, and the U.K. team heads straight for the fake flowers for some reason. Catherine and Alisha text some photos and try to call Annaliese, but get no answers. This is the precise moment when Annaliese's team starts to realize that she has no idea what she's doing and really has no business in charge of anything.

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