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We cut to the Brits, getting their hair and makeup done in '60s fashion. There is still a great deal of confusion, and Sophie tells us that Annaliese is bipolar today. Jay approaches Louise about overseeing Ashley's shoot, and Louise responds that it's not her job to do so. She seems to be the de facto leader surrogate, though, and tells us that she's running around like... a blue ass-fly? There are ass-flies in England? Does that itch? Is it sexually transmitted? In any case, Louise does not seem to respect Annalise's skills as a team leader. Ashley is first to shoot, and Kelly notes that the prop flowers she's holding look like they came from King Kong's garden. He likes the pretty roses! Jay convenes the team and says that Ashley's shot against the flat brick wall isn't working. He asks what they can do to fix it, and they decide to put their chair in. Things seem to improve. Sophie is exceptionally Twiggy-esque in her shot, with twirls and a top hat. With time ticking, Annaliese continues to be a mess and Alisha wants to slap her. Gam-a-Tronica Alisha poses with a male model, whom she imagines is her mum. I'd say she's an easy target for Azmarie right about now. Catherine is instructed to be more ethereal, and seems to do well on her shoot overall. Then it's Annaliese's turn to make us excited to buy fake roses. She tries a little leap, which may or may not be a good idea. Jay thinks she's being way too methodical, and notes that she's insecure about her own modeling skills.

With twelve minutes remaining, Louise dashes across the set and, unfortunately for her, catches the eye and ire of Kelly Cutrone. Kelly tells us that when people are running, it just creates chaos across the set. In fairness, I think Louise is maybe trying to get her shot in before time runs out. Kelly further delays her by giving her a talking-to about running, and Louise tries to escape to the hair chair, to no avail! Cutrone finds her there and continues to lecture her about how bad it is to run on set. I think what's happening here is that Cutrone recognizes a fellow psychopath when she sees one, and wants to create some excitement in her new role as judge. Boy, does she ever succeed! But not at this moment. Despite having what Cutrone characterizes as one of the worst attitudes she's ever seen from someone in a reality show competition, Louise keeps it together and chameleonic, and channels her anger and adrenaline into a fabulous photo. With that, it's a wrap! Louise is not typically a crier, but sheds tears of relief when the shoot is over. Jay praises Louise, saying that it's very telling to see who can pull it out with only two minutes on the clock. Louise does look gorgeous, and I'm really coveting her mod dress.

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