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And! There's another part to the challenge. The girls have to look through the photos and pick which one they'd like to take to panel. Now they have only themselves to blame when a rank picture shows up. Candace may not have all that many good photos, but she says that she has a lot of potential and definitely won't go home. Alisha, meanwhile, tells us that this competition means a lot to her and her family, but also the area where she lives. There aren't a lot of opportunities there, and as previously discussed she wants to show that you can get out. Annaliese basically just looks terrified and traumatized, and as she crouches like a frightened deer we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. There are prizes, there are judges. British model and television host Cat Deeley is the co-host. The U.K.-ers are first, starting with Annaliese. She admits right away that she didn't do such a hot job as a leader, which Kelly confirms. Her photo is okay. Kelly respects her decision to stick to her guns and do the leap, then says that energy can be the thing that takes you somewhere, but can also be the thing that destroys you. That's why Kelly Cutrone eschews energy in her own life at all costs. Cat thinks that Annaliese's photo looks young and fresh, and reaches the young age demographic that is all about. Tyra thinks that the whole thing is a bit catalogue-y, which I actually think makes sense for a website that is selling shit to fifteen year olds.

Next up is Sophie. In her best shot she looks like she's falling over, but in a really good way. Cat thinks she made a brave move. Tyra agrees that it's fun and quirky and modelesque and also sees shades of Twiggy. Catherine also has chameleonic abilities, and Tyra is in love with her eyes. They remind her of Princess Di, but mostly that's because they have to mention Princess Di at least once per episode until all the British girls have been eliminated. Ashley is next, and Nigel thinks that she's posing too much, and the camera is too present in the photo. Kelly adds that Ashley didn't pick her best shot. Tyra isn't crazy about the photo, but loves Ashley's skin. Alisha is next and, despite the fact that her superpower has to do with her gams, in her photo she's cut off just below the knees. Nigel gives her copious shit for this, and Cat adds that because you can't see Alisha's legs, the true proportion of the jacket she's wearing is missing. Tyra adds that the coat is wearing her. Cutrone is disappointed in this shot, and thinks it doesn't represent how lovely Alisha was on set. She thinks that maybe Alisha has poor photo-choosing abilities. Alisha starts crying, and Cat tells her that, standing in front of the judges, she has everything that it takes.

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