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At panel, BFFs Rae and Erin found themselves in the bottom two together. For all her sweetness and beauty, the panel felt that Rae was not exuding the warmth of a Cover Girl. She didn't have fun with her commercial shoot, and didn't stand out amongst her competitors. She got the boot.

When the final six girls returned home from panel, they discovered that their home had been condemned. Given all that bonus footage of the ants, this totally makes more sense. The girls were told by Tyra that they couldn't live there anymore, which was fine since they were going to the fashion capital of Hawaii. They settled into their Hawaiian home, but what we didn't see was some locals showing them scuba basics in their pool. Brittany, also known as Creepy Mermaid Girl, says that she's gone snorkling but never scuba diving. One of the scuba guys asks her to swim underwater to him and his big goggles. As she does her bandeau slips and she totally flashes him. That's what happens when you're possessed by demons.

And then the girls went surfing, and hoped to hang ten in high fashion for a photo shoot challenge. Jay told them to bring balance and poise to their photos. Erin and Nicole did a good Gidget impression, but Brittany had a hard time letting her mathematician side go and fell victim to the crime of overthinking. Brittany wants to let her younger side come out and show the immature idiot beneath her formulaic exterior. But at the next panel, the judges agreed that Brittany couldn't find the balance between control and artistic expression. She was booted. And that whole blackface thing? Apparently it never happened.

After a commercial break, we catch up with Little Orphan Sundai in Hawaii. For Sundai, the best part of the multi-million dollar mansion that they lived in was not the pool and hot tub, nor the state of the art kitchen nor the fancy bathtub, nor the many majestic views. The best part for Sundai was... Roger the cat! Upon first glimpse Sundai repeatedly and excitedly yells, "Do we have a cat?!?" Erin, of course, says that if there's a cat she's going to scream. Roger is a black and white tuxedo cat with the cutest diamond shape spot on his nose. Sundai LOVES him. She squeezes him in the confessional and says this is pretty much the best thing ever. Sundai is my kind of crazy cat lady. The only thing that Sundai enjoyed more than Roger was Jennifer's deviled eggs. Oh, I love me some deviled eggs, too! Oh, wait, but not these deviled eggs. Jennifer yells out that there are bugs in the chili powder, and we see little red critters crawling all over the eggs. But Sundai doesn't care! She eats the eggs anyway, despite Erin's protestations that it's disgusting. Sundai says that if she dies tomorrow, no one will be eliminated at panel. Plus, extra protein! The hardscrabble life of an orphan makes you look the other way at these moments.

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