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But wait, there's more! Nicole wasn't interested in the other girls' sex ed lessons, and even turned down a chance to make out with Laura. But she was still interested in arm wrestling! That's totally rechanneled sexual frustration. Nicole wants to arm wrestle Laura, and Laura explains that she can wrestle a 100 pound calf to the ground. She will not take the challenge. So Nicole begs Jennifer, who has apparently beaten every girl in the house at arm wrestling, to give her another go. The two head into battle. Nicole loses as Erin snots, "Nice facial expression, Nicole."

The final four arrived for their next photo shoot, and learned that there would be a double elimination. The pressure was on for the remaining girls to channel their inner goddesses and remain in the competition. Erin started off flat before striking the right balance of powerful and pretty. But Jennifer's attempt to bring forth the goddess within failed to enlighten both Mr. Jay and the photographer. In the end, Jennifer's body of work was not enough to save her. She was booted. And although Erin delivered a great shot, the judges weren't convinced that she had top model character. She got the boot, too.

Before Laura and Nicole could stomp to the death in the final runway show, they had to survive a Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot. The photo shoot, with Nigel behind the lens, was easy and breezy. The commercial, however, was a hot mess. We see Nicole go through 22 takes, which appears to be about double that of Laura. The final runway show was inspired by the elements that formed the Hawaiian island: fire, wind and water. Nicole reminded us that she's the nerdy awkward girl. Laura reminded us that she's poor. Only one girl could win, and Tyra tells us that it was a particularly tough decision since both girls are beautiful inside and out. And yet, Nicole was the clear winner. Tyra says that Nicole is not just a fabulous petite model -- she has the goods to make it as a top model anywhere in the world. And with that, Tyra once again congratulates herself on the shorty season, and we're out. We now must look ahead and wonder what unviable models Cycle 14 will bring us.

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