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After a long day of makeovers, the girls got to head to their glorious house. Too bad all the ceilings and doors weren't really small. The theme of the house was something akin to "colors and candy." But bonus! We never saw how a sweet treat turned into a competition. It entails Lisa and Kara seeing how many pieces of a certain candy (located ON THE FLOOR) that they can fit into their mouths. Kara wins with five pieces. Fascinating. Lisa confessionalizes that the candy is her favorite part of the house, and that she never wants to go home. Tough break for her. Erin comes along and can fit more candy than anyone in her mouth. Too bad she didn't keep it in there for the rest of the season. Kara confessionalizes that there should be no arguing in their house, because it's a fun house. And holy ptosis! I don't know if I noticed this before, but Kara has some kind of crazy floating eye. The right one is looking at the camera while the left one's on the door. I guess that could come in handy if the mob was after you or something.

After Erin and Rae received identical bleach blonde hair with bleached eyebrows at their makeovers, they bonded in bonus footage. Erin tells us that Rae is her best friend in the house, and is like a mother. Erin doesn't know how to deal with living by herself, but Rae's helping her out. But some of the other girls -- including crazy lazy eye Kara -- were not thrilled about their relationship. Lulu tells us that Rae and Erin are called Bobbsey Twin #1 and 2, because they have the same color hair and act foolish just the same. It's kind of annoying. In the confessional with Jennifer and Lulu, Kara says that Erin is the most immature girl in the house, and Rae acts like she shouldn't have a child sometimes. In the confessional together, Erin says that she and Rae are going to rotate between being the best, and announces that we're looking at the final two. No, and no.

For Cycle 13's first photo shoot, the girls modernized their baby photos to be high-fashion and fabulous. Some, like Nicole, were amazing right off the bat. Others, like Lisa, were not so hot. Tyra actually calls her "gag-worthy." Lisa says she's thinking of how she can be a clown but still be fashionable. She does have a particularly stupid childhood photo to modernize, and a particularly stupid wardrobe with which to do it. Jay tries to give her some advice, but per usual just confuses her. So Lisa was the first to get the boot, with the commentary that her photo was "amateur." Given that she'd probably never modeled a day in her life, I'd say that's a fair assessment.

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