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After a commercial break, we get more bonus footage of how house mother Rae got Nicole to come out of her shell. Nicole tries to scramble an egg by first cracking it on a griddle, and then sort of stirring around the top. Really? Do these girls think that breakfast just magics itself to your plate? Watch your mom or dad or guardian once in a while! Rae is all about safety first, and tells Nicole to get her hair away from the flame of the stove. She demonstrates the correct egg scrambling process. Nicole appreciates it, but interviews that Rae is way too stern. She conjectures that motherhood has done that to her, and adds that Rae has changed so many diapers that it's messed with her mind. I would get behind that theory.

The girls took a trip to Wilhelmina Models, their potential new agency, and got a chance to meet president Sean Patterson. Nigel was there, too, and added to the pressure by saying that this was their one chance to impress their potential employer (and Nigel himself) in a series of one-on-two interviews. Jennifer was very nervous, but she characterizes it as an excited nervousness that works for her. Sean asks Bianca who they should eliminate in the near future, and Bianca recommends putting Brittany or Rachel on the block. Nigel loves that she has multiple choices. Sean asks Rachel why she wants to be a model, and isn't impressed with her prepared speech of generalities. Nigel tells us that you need to have charisma when meeting your potential boss, and Rachel lacked it in spades. Courtney, however, showed off her personality to great advantage. Most of the girls thought that this was a challenge that would have a winner, but nobody was prepared for the actuality of the situation. There was only a loser. Nigel and Sean determined that one girl doesn't have what it takes to be a Wilhelmina model, and announced that said girl would have to leave the competition immediately. And the poor loser was dull, doe-eyed Rachel. She said goodbye in quiet despair. Sundai was mad, since Rachel was her best friend in the house.

Rachel's elimination was a sobering shock to the girls who remained in the competition. But what we did not know was that gift bags were sent to the girls to help lighten the mood. They contained hideous leggings and t-shirts and makeup, and the girls decided to have a fashion show featuring these new terrible items. But the girls had fun times, and that's all that matters. And then, more bonus footage! The atmosphere of friendship and fun did not survive long in the top model house. Brittany tells the other girls that at ages three and four, respectively, she wanted to be a witch and a vampire for Halloween. Bianca sees this information to its logical conclusion, and tells Brittany that she is possessed by demons. I don't know why I hadn't thought about that before! Bianca notes to the others (while Brittany is still there) that Brittany is a pagan, which is freaking satanic. Brittany says that she doesn't care, because she's not religious. Bianca asks, "So where you think you came from? Your mom?" What a twist on the classic "your mom" insult!

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