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Jennifer tells us that she's always felt like she shouldn't stand around and watch other people get made fun of. At 23, she's older than most of the girls, and understands that they might not want to stand up to a stank bully like Bianca. So Jennifer confronts her about calling Brittany a demon-possessed Satanist, and ends with the kicker, "It doesn't sound like something God would want you to say." Fabulous. An angry Bianca say she doesn't have to explain herself to Jennifer, and asks if she's talking for Brittany. Bianca interviews that she has nothing against Jennifer, but doesn't understand why she has to stick her nose in situations that are none of her concern. The argument escalates, and Bianca shows her true lack of verbal prowess when she tells Jennifer to go pour herself some orange juice or milk. Jennifer tells us Bianca blows up at the smallest thing. She has some anger issues, and doesn't know how to talk it out. Maybe it's Bianca that is actually possessed by demons, and she's just trying to deflect attention? This whole bonus clip has made me realize that I don't use the old "you are possessed by demons" conversation starter nearly enough.

Next, the girls headed to the racetrack for a photo that featured them posing with a jockey, on a horse, in the buff. Or near-buff. Topless and in lacy underwear with a bevy of small hats. Courtney was dismayed when Jay insisted that she leave her broken-foot-boot on in her photo shoot. Jay was stunned by how bad her performance was. Courtney tells us that she totally shut down, which is not like her. She let her foot defeat her and gave up during her shoot, which is the sort of thing that the panel hates. She was sent home.

But who cares about Courtney when we can look at Laura and Nicole?!? Laura asks Nicole if she wants some bacon, and Tyra voices over that living in Los Angeles was a far cry from her home on a Kentucky farm. And wait... does Laura have a hickey on her neck? Amazing! But Laura brought a little of the farm to everyone through her cooking. She can make star shaped pancakes! I want some! And holy crap, I think Laura is making a full rack of ribs! Maybe I can hire her to be my personal chef. Laura interviews that all the other girls in the house eat crazy organic food, and she has to find new things to eat because she's not used to L.A. food. Rae eats a kiwi like an apple, and Laura exclaims in horror, "You eat the peel?!?" And, I mean... you eat the peel?!? It's so fuzzy! Whatever, I'm team Laura on this one. Rae convinces Laura to take a bite, and Laura recoils and says in trauma, "The fur touched my tongue." Laura interviews, "Right now a milkshake would make me really happy." So when Nigel thought Laura was just being a bimbo when she said she was thinking about milkshakes on her Cover Girl shoot, he didn't know the full, furry context of the situation.

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