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After the ant trauma, the girls had their first photo shoot with Tyra behind the lens, and had to pull off the all-important beauty shot. There were a lot of scarves. Bianca struggled to soften her features in front of the camera until Jay reminded her that she loves Jesus. Bianca tells us that she has a hard exterior but does indeed possess a softer side. She's trying to learn that it's okay to show more life in her eyes. Sadly, she failed to pull through as the demons repeatedly deadened her eyes. She was booted for being too hard.

And then more Nicole bonus! Along with modeling potential, Nicole has a great passion for art. She nurtured this talent during the competition by painting a portrait of Ashley. The final product, which Nicole holds in a confession, is somewhat hilarious. Ashley has one eye and an apparently bloody mouth. Which, frankly, is better than she deserves. Nicole confessionalizes that painting is always there for her. When she's really into a painting, she has the same feeling as when she's modeling. She could do it for hours. Nicole tells Ashley not to get eliminated before the painting is finished. Ah, so maybe a second eye is planned.

And then there was dancing! The JabbaWockeez dance troupe actually took off their masks and showed the girls a few moves as they competed in teams of three for a challenge. They help Rae, Kara and Nicole count out their beats and do overlapping cartwheels. All three teams worked well together (except for, if I recall, the one that featured both Erin and Nicole), but what we didn't see was Brittany's misstep during rehearsal. She does a barefoot slide on the rug, and something punctures the sole of her very dirty foot. It's a toothpick! That is disgusting! She should get a rabies shot, for sure. Laura tells us that Brittany is always getting hurt, and one day will wake up with no skin on her body. Like Michelle the wrestler who had flesh-eating bacteria! Oh, those were the glory days. After the JabbaWockeez and the three model teams had their individual performances, they got the chance to dance together. Jennifer was loving it, and none of the girls got a toothpick in the foot. Success.

Next, the girls were whisked off to Las Vegas for a very special shoot on the set of Cirque du Soleil's latest freakshow. If you'll recall, a giant snail was involved. Since this was a group shot, the girls had to work twice as hard to stand out from the crowd. Ashley was stoic in her shot, and not only looked short but was lost in the background. That was her inner stank shining through. The judges agreed that Ashley didn't know how to integrate her dance background with modeling, and that her poses weren't dynamic enough in her photo shoots. She was booted, and tells us that whenever she sees her "sweet Nicole" again, she wants her to finish the portrait. I thought Ashley hated Nicole?

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