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Diversity is key, particularly for a petite model. So Tyra sent the girls to a meeting with Lara Spender of The Insider to learn about the art of the interview. Lara told the girls that the number one fundamental of being a correspondent is the ability to think on your feet. Continuing with the bug motif, comedian Ant took on different annoying personas as the girls mock-interviewed him. Brittany makes a mistake as she says she wants to see Ant's movie (which means she hasn't actually seen it yet), but Sundai charms with her weird newscaster voice. Jennifer also gets props for thinking on her feet, even though she only manages to elicit one-word answers.

Next, the girls had to write their own scripts for a 25-second Cover Girl spot. Rae came off as cold and remote in her commercial. If her teeth were yellow, she might have been a bit more relatable. Nigel tells her that if they can't see the real her in the commercial read, she can't successfully be a Cover Girl. But it was bratty Erin who got on set and froze, and mangled take after take after take. She was unable to retain her composure, and so starts to cry. Erin tells us that she cries when she gets frustrated, and she was frustrated in the commercial shoot. She says she's not used to shooting commercials, and it would have been nice to have gotten more of a heads up about it. I think all the girls got the same heads up, which was Tyra Mail telling them to write a script the night before the shoot.

It turns out that this weep-fest was not an isolated incident. Never-before seen footage shows Erin crying in her feathery hat at the nude horse shoot; and Erin crying in the phone booth while telling someone (perhaps her mom who called me a douchebag!) that she's doing very well; and in multiple interviews. Erin confessionalizes that she doesn't really cry in her house, or at school, or in her real regular life. She tells the other girls that nobody other than her best friend has seen her cry, and that was after a breakup. Erin says that the other models are all privileged to bear witness to her waterworks. Sundai tells us that Erin is a little girl, and is always crying. She needs some more life experience before she can be a model. We then cut to a scene of Erin telling the other girls that she hates everything. She whips off her heels and says she doesn't want to walk, and isn't there to walk, and then storms out of the room as the other girls look on in amusement and annoyance.

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