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When we return, Jennifer, Rae and Kara are flying through their routine, and Sundai, Laura and Brittany are pulling things together at the last minute. As Ashley gives a final frantic directive to her teammates, time's up. Erin interviews that their dance could have been finessed if they had more time, but it actually wasn't that hard to come up with since they had Ashley the dance instructor on their team. Ah, misguided confidence! You have found your carriers.

The performance begins as the JabbaWockeeZ creep us out and delight Lil Mama. There are, like, five random people in the audience along with Benny and Lil. And then it's time for the models to perform. They are in black t-shirts and leggings and white JabbaWockeeZ masks. Jennifer, Kara and Rae go first. Their happy is pretty happy. "Sad" looks a bit like a ghost orgy. Angry is relatively angry. All in all, a good job, though I think Lil Mama might have passed out a little at the end. Kara is pleased with their performance, though. Laura, Sundai and Brittany are up next. Erin is not impressed with their pantomime double dutch that expresses "happy." Laura looks kind of like a weirdo mime as she flails her hands about happily. Brittany is the main sadster in the second part of their routine, and all three get their brawl on to express anger. Also pretty good, though Lil Mama just picks her nose while the audience and Benny clap. Finally, it's time for Ashley, Nicole and Erin. Their happy is sort of sassy, and they have some sort of verbal expression of happiness which comes out as a bit of an ax murderer scream of warning through their masks. This actually does seem to make Lil Mama happy, probably because she thinks she's still asleep and/or still tripping. They do some synchronized sad moves that are barely recognizable as being sad. Jennifer thought that this team would be great since Ashley was on it, but wasn't impressed with the end result. She thinks their moves are overly simple. For anger, Nicole jumps out in front and stares Benny down through her mask. She delights in the fact that everyone look really freaked out. Maybe Lil Mama paints a freaked out expression on her eyelids so you can't tell when she's asleep. I think it takes a lot more than a pasty white girl to scare her.

Benny and Lil prepare to give the girls their critique, and Benny introduces them to Rhonda Faber Green, an Olivia Newton-John lookalike slash jewelry designer. Suddenly, the wheels are in motion, as $17,000 worth of jewelry is laid out before everyone. Benny loved how together team one (Jennifer, Kara and Rae) was, and Lil Mama loved how they mixed in sexy with sad, and incorporated elements of modern dance. Lil Mama was not impressed with team two's goofy happy dance, but thought that they did sad best. Benny and Lil Mama are both confused by team three's happy and sad sections, and Lil says she just doesn't get it. Benny tells them that their anger was kinda scary, and Kara interviews that it was probably a mistake on Nicole's part to freak everyone out like she did. And the winner of the challenge is team one. Jennifer, Kara and Rae rush over to the jewelry and squeal continuously. Ashley pouts.

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