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Back at the house, Ashley continues to pout. She tells a small gaggle of other girls that her group was the only one that really had dance moves. Everybody else was just jumping around and rolling on the floor. I don't know how much sympathy she's expecting to get when she's talking to said "everybody else" whose dance moves she's criticizing. Ashley continues that her team was being abstract, but still used actual dance movements. She then says, as Erin and Nicole are in earshot, "If it had been me dancing by myself... totally different story." Meanwhile, Kara is in stiff competition with Ashley in the annoying asshole Olympics. She says that she's bonded with Jennifer, but she tries to keep her distance from everyone else, since they're not her "type of people." We get a shot of gawky Nicole in her too large neon green tank top, and dowdy Brittany lounging dowdily. She says that it's not worth it to socialize with such losers, which is probably Kara but still makes her come off like a jerk.

Meanwhile, Ashley's spirit has been killed. She doesn't want to get stuck in a rut of misery and gloom, so gives her mom a call. Aw, I do that when I'm sad, too. Ashley tells her mom that she's had a tough day. Her mom says that everyone has bad moments, but the beauty of those moments is that you learn something. Ashley tells us that she's best friends with her mom, who has always been the voice of reason telling her to get over it, whatever "it" might be. On the phone, mom tells Ashley not to give up or doubt herself, and that she needs to own it. As Ashley reflects on owning it and getting over it, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's very early in the morning. Jay Manuel's voice wakes up the models, but he's not there in the flesh. Rather, there's video mail on the TV. Jay tells the girls that they have a photo shoot, but it's not in Los Angeles. He wants them to pack a bag, jump on a plane, and meet him in Las Vegas! There is much cheering considering the fact that it's still so early. Jay tells them that they only get to take one carry-on a piece because top models never check luggage. Instead, they just stand there in the aisle of the plane looking at their 50-pound oversized bag until some poor horny bastard volunteers to try to jam it in the overhead bin for them. Fierce. Jay also tells the girls to regard TSA regulations and leave the aerosols, liquids, and sharp objects at home. It should be noted that all of the girls are in their PJs while watching this except for Laura, who's wrapped up in a blanket. I guess Grandma Wanda Sue's clothing line does not extend to sleepwear.

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