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Nigel says that Hannah's picture is cool and has a bit of a Bond girl feel to it, but she could use more attitude. Daniella adds that she looks beautiful, but her facial expression doesn't go with the body language. Tyra just simply does not like the picture at all. ALT says that the face doesn't go with her body, but she invokes a charm that could be totally engaging. Brittani has broken her body in an interesting way, says ALT. Nigel agrees, but says that she hasn't pushed the envelope, which you have to do at this stage of the competition. This is the time when the girls get on the ground or get in the rain or roll around in a pile of brains or whatever. Daniella says that Brittani looks great, and in fact looks much better in the picture than in real life. I'd take that as a bit of an insult, but Tyra says that a model should always look better in pictures. She thinks that Brittani's photo is nice and sweet, but ALT says that they want drama. With that, the judges have reached a decision.

There are four girls, but Tyra only has three photos in her hands. Those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The first photo, which is the best, goes to Molly. That's an obvious one. Tyra tells her not to look so mean and intense all the time. Brittani is the runner-up. This leaves Hannah and Alexandria in the bottom two. Tyra tells them that blonde girls get a bad rap - people in fashion say that they're all the same. However, she disagrees, and says that Alexandria and Hannah both have interesting, unique looks and personalities. There are a few other things that make them distinct from each other as well. Alexandria is too controlling. In fact, she's holding on to the handlebars of control. This control bike has no training wheels, and maybe even has one of those little motors. Her photo this week didn't look high fashion, and in fact one of the judges thought she looked like a flight attendant. I am on a flight right now, and am even more certain than ever that Tyra did not mean this as a compliment. Hannah is the opposite -- she lacks control. Sometimes she gets in photos, and the judges don't know what she's doing. And then her face itself often seems to not know what it's doing. So who stays? It's Hannah! That's quite a surprise. Tyra tells her that she's had some of the strongest, most breathtaking pictures in the competition. But she can't be sometimey -- she has to bring it every single time. And with this, I think that Brittani and Molly are pretty much a lock for the final two.

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