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After a commercial break, we see Hannah in the girls' house balancing a tea tray on her head while taking off her pants. Now that takes some skill. She does a turn and drops the tray, thus ruining the pantsless tea tray dancer fantasy that you didn't know you had. In full regalia, the girls head to the venue where the famous tea tray dancing takes place. Noor is there in a shiny, sparkly turquoise ensemble and tells the girls that they won't be dancing alone. A crew of professional tea tray dancers will be accompanying them and consistently showing them up. There's one other thing -- the girls will have lit candles on their head trays. Tyra will not be satisfied until someone gets a third degree burn this season. In that sense, she's a lot like us. Noor and J. will choose the winner of the challenge, and that girl will get a one-on-one walking lesson with Miss J. Brittani shares her fear of burning the place down, which seems legit. Alexandria, however, has no such qualms, and simply flicks her hair and tells us she was made to do this. What a specific purpose in life. I actually do think this would be a good career path for her, though, when she finally realizes that the modeling isn't going to work out.

The crowd is set and J. whoops as the dancers start to come down a set of stairs. The pros go first, and then there's Molly. She looks kind of stiff and scared, and then when she's almost down to the bottom of the staircase she trips on her skirt and some items from her tray go flying. I think the candles must be really stuck in there, though, since they don't go anywhere. Molly is so angry at this point that she ignores Miss J.'s advice to try to be cute if items fall off of the tray. She isn't interested in picking anything up from the floor, and just walks off with the tray and few remaining items on her head. Miss J. tells us that when Molly tripped her face became tight and a bit angry. Who could even tell the difference from her regular face? Anyway, her face stayed that way and it was not good.

Brittani is next, and though we expect the worst, she rocks it. Noor says that it was a transformation, and she didn't fall down at all or drop her tray. She totally can move, too! Meanwhile, Molly sulks backstage. She says that she hates looking like an idiot, and in this situation she totally looked like an idiot. She's humiliated, and also pissed off. She hates hearing the applause for the others, since she sucked so bad and barely got any. She sips her cup of sour grapes tea and scowls. Hannah is next, and while she doesn't drop her tray, she doesn't exactly nail the dance. She sort of waves her arms around for a while, which is maybe the best we can hope for.

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