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Finally, there's Alexandria. She does seem quite adept at this challenge, and Noor tells us that she was very powerful. The other girls seem to think that her victory is a foregone conclusion. Alexandria does a turn in the middle of the crowd, and Molly points out that she's doing well but it's unfair given how flat the top of her head is. Alexandria gets a little sassy with her dance, and then her tray comes crashing down. One awesome lady in the crowd is like, "Bitch, please." Alexandria tries to be cute in picking up her fallen items, and the tray falls again. She finally gets a guy to put the teapot back on her head while she kneels down. Alexandria tells us that most of all, she was really memorable, and she smiled through the whole thing. Even if that place went up in flames, Alexandria would have her cheesy grin throughout and then tell us that ashes are very therapeutic. Miss J. says that Alexandria got overconfident when she felt the audience getting into her. She did that one thing extra, which did not work out so well.

Miss J. and Noor give the girls their critiques. J. asks Molly how she felt after her first mishap. She says that it was horrible, and he cuts her off to tell her that it showed in her face then, and now. J. loved Alexandria's confidence in coming down the stairs, but the moment she started to drop it like it was lukewarm, she became REAL confident. And then we all know what happened. J. was pleasantly surprised by Brittani. She came in shaking, shimmying, wiggling, and twisting, and not a thing came off her head. Hannah looked like she was doing the hula, which is culturally inconsistent. Alexandria is the runner up, and the winner is Brittani. She's excited about her runway lesson with Miss J. He tells her that she can either have a one-on-one lesson, or choose another girl to join her and share in the prize. Brittani picks Hannah, who needs the runway help the most. Hannah is so happy that she starts to cry. Molly snits that the challenges have nothing to do with who goes home anyway, so she's not worried. She knows she can take better pictures than everyone else and adds, "It's fucking tea on my head. Really?" I mean, she has a point there.

We follow Brittani and Hannah as they meet up with Miss J. in a lovely garden. They drop their purses and get to work. J. instructs Brittani to get some more speed, and tells Hannah to relax. He then gives a lesson on turning properly. J. says that they may do something special for the final runway, which will be in a very intimate setting. The something special may involve going from one room to another, so maybe it's in a house? He wants them to practice half turns. Hannah almost kills him with her half-turn cluelessness. She really is not the most natural walker, and is the cause of a lot of horrified face on the part of Miss J. Hannah says that she really needed the help, and will now be more confident as she works on the areas Miss J. designated. I think those areas are "all of them."

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