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Brittani is next, and though she's trying to add some goatless local flavor with a new scarf, it cuts off her neck and makes her look older. Tyra demands that she take it off. Nigel loves Brittani's one-eye-covered-by-scarf photo, which is quite mysterious. He's less excited about the fact that she's lost her left arm. Entirely. He'd like to see a touch of arm, or at least not to have this be a story about a very beautiful amputee. ALT loves the photo, especially the way that Brittani's broken her body. Tyra doesn't see high fashion magazine quite yet, but says that Brittani is a little closer to it than Alexandria was.

Hannah is next. Nigel says that her photo, in which she's getting out of a cab, is unusual and interesting. He thinks that the pose and the body is the most editorial of the bunch so far, but he wishes her quite whack face had a different expression and that she'd worked her angles more. It is true that her face looks like a slightly dented cream puff. Daniella disagrees and says that she loves it, and Tyra surmises that that's because the dress looks so good. Daniella tells Hannah that the clothes look great on her, and congratulates her for doing so well. ALT says that the dress and Hannah's protruding leg are wonderful, but he wonders where she's going. The panel still hasn't seen a wow moment yet tonight. Tyra tells Hannah that fashion likes extremes, and in her photo she's kind of here nor there. Her face is neither angular or round, and that makes it fall flat. She has to know her face, and learn how to make it look one way or the other.

Finally, there's Molly, who also has to get rid of her scarf extravagantly. Her best shot is totally fabulous. ALT says that at last they are seeing a Franca Sozzani page. He notes that it's high fashion, and gives an "oriental express" feeling. Daniella loves the body language and the way that Molly is posing. Nigel adds that it's real drama, and that Molly has committed the whole way. There's something there, and the viewer is taken somewhere. He says that it could be an advertising campaign. Tyra notes that Molly does a great job of showing the clothes, but not in a catalogue or posey way. Molly isn't cheesily asking you to look at her pants, she's aggressively demanding that you look at her pants. That's her forte, apparently.

The judges deliberate. Alexandria has a dramatic look, according to ALT, but he's not buying it. Nigel adds that there's not much going on. She looks dramatic, but her fez can mostly take credit for that. In her close-up, she looks like a flight attendant. And a flight attendant story is not what the judges were going for. Daniella chimes in to say that she doesn't think Alexandria looks as bad as the others are making it out, and that although she looks afraid or scared of something it works well enough. Molly is very high fashion, and ALT can see the clothes as well as the story. Nigel adds that Molly has a great capacity to do editorial photography and sell clothing. In person she doesn't have that same kind of drama, and he loves the fact that she's a chameleon. He notes that she's dramatic and tough in the eyes, and could use a little touch of romance. Tyra says that Molly's thing is being a tough-face girl, and she needs to mix it up a bit.

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