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a thinks that Kayla has something very special. ALT says that there's a dynamic in Liz's face, even though her body says nothing for the moment. Ann has the ugly duckling syndrome, which is vindicated by her picture. ALT says that beauty is about health, and Anamaria does not project healthiness. Nigel points out that there's a big difference between being naturally slim and very tall, like Ann, and someone who's staring at herself in the mirror and wanting to see her ribs. Diane at least acknowledges that Anamaria's face looks gorgeous in her photo, and she could definitely be a model. Terra's picture is terrible. Chris looks like she's trying to model, and not succeeding very well. Diane thinks that Chelsea's picture looks like a model picture. ALT says that Rhianna has great promise. As a fashion designer, Diane says that if she saw Kendal she'd book her right away. That's high praise. Esther looks a bit mature, overly ripe, and almost bordering on stale, according to ALT. Sara needs to move from Barbie doll to high-fashion Barbie doll. The panel praises itself for being so socially conscious, and Diane totally can't wait to get out of there.

The girls return. The first name that Tyra calls is Ann's. She also had the best photo for the week, and looks totally shocked and thrilled. It's pretty cute. Kayla is called next, followed by Chelsey, Kendal, Lexie, Liz, Jane, Esther, Chris, Rhianna, Kacey, and Sara. This leaves Terra and Anamaria in the bottom two. Terra is absolutely beautiful, and is a fan of Lucious Lips, but though her posing is strong it lacks focus and tends to err towards the obvious. And this season is about being Italian Vogue-worthy. And then there's Anamaria, who is a gorgeous girl but a bad role model, with her bitchy attitude and obvious eating disorder. And nobody likes that. Terra stays and is greatly relieved. Anamaria hugs Tyra, who tells her that she doesn't want Anamaria to lose work because she's too skinny. She says that Anamaria might be the healthiest girl in the world, which totally isn't true, and adds that it might not hurt to eat some avocado and bread with butter on it. Wow, Tyra. What stellar advice. I'm sure that will fix everything! Maybe Tyra should open up a clinic in addition to that camp for wayward girls.

Anamaria is shocked that she's been eliminated. Though the judges say that she's too skinny, she personally likes her body. If she gets told by multiple agencies that she's too thin then she'll consider doing something about it, but in the meantime she hopes that she'll make it on her own.

Next time: Makeovers! Lexie freaks out. And there seems to be a challenge elimination of some sort!

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