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Five beautiful young ladies stand in front of Tyra, but she only has four photos in her hands. And the first of those photos goes to the girl with the best photo. It's Jennifer! She looks shocked. Nicole looks disappointed. But she shouldn't be, because they have to mix things up and she's called next with a reminder to keep up with the Barbie toe. Laura is called next, which means that Sundai and Erin are in the bottom two. Two beautiful ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has one photo in her hands. And that photo represents the girl who is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. The girl who is not called must get the heck out of Hawaii. Sundai had twice as many photos as Erin did, and ten times the amount of excuses. She said that she has asthma, which many divers, athletes and models have. Tyra says that we don't want our photos to be the product of our excuses. And then there's Erin, who was at the top of the pack when the competition started, but who is getting weaker from week to week. She had half the amount of photos as the others, and it showed. And yet, she still manages to stay in the competition. And, I mean, I can't stand her either but she really is a lot better than Sundai. Tyra tells Erin that she's been in the bottom too many times, and too many times in a row, and it can't happen again.

Tyra hugs Sundai and looks positively gargantuan next to her. Poor Sundai is bawling. Tyra tells her that she's come a long way, and is such an inspiration to young girls and boys who have been through the foster care system. Even though it hurts, Sundai has to remember that she's a leader and a role model for their inevitable gang of street urchins. Sundai hugs the other girls, who look genuinely sad to see her go. Sundai heads home, and thanks Tyra for giving her a chance. She says it was an honor to be there. She underestimated herself coming into the competition, and one thing she's gained is confidence. Sundai says that she's met a lot of cool people, has done a lot of extremely things, and got a lot out of the experience overall. She's glad she got the chance to be there. Life does go on and will have to go on, much like the heart, and Sundai says that she's not just going to give up here. Bet your bottom dollar.

Next week: Hula hip hop! And it's do or die at the photo shoot, because two girls are going to go home at judging!

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