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Dive Bomb

And there's more! The girls follow Marisa up onto a cliff side and stand on a precarious ledge. They are greeted by Nigel. He has them look behind him at a girl who jumps off of the cliff and into the water. Laura's reaction, "Wha? It's a suicide!" But no! It's a photo challenge. Jennifer is nervous, and fears that she will fall into the coral, break her head open, and die in front of Nigel and Marisa Miller. It's not how she wants to go. And truly, that's a fate that's best saved for Erin. As Sundai covers her face in her hands, we cut to commercials.

When we return, Sundai is quite nervous and asks how you're supposed to look sexy when you're fearing for your life. But it must be done. Nigel says that the girl who manages to strike a pose that's both sexy and graceful in this extreme situation will win. The catch is that each girl will only have one chance at the photo. I'm sure most of the girls are fine with only having to put their lives in danger once. Jono Knight is the photographer for this shoot, and he's on a boat below the cliff. Laura volunteers to go first, because she's awesome like that. She hopes she doesn't look like she's going to have a heart attack. She jumps, and is ultimately just thankful to be alive. Nigel and Marisa think that she did pretty well. Erin is next. She brats, "I like jumping off cliffs. I'll jump off anything. Just give me something to jump off of and I'll do it." I have a couple of bridges in mind. Erin is still freaking out about having been in the bottom two again, and says she has to work twice as hard to impress the judges. Actually, it seems like she only has to work half as hard. She looks like a maniac when she jumps, and Nigel notes that grace wasn't a big part of her look.

Nicole volunteers to go next, and tells us that she remembered Marisa's advice to pose to the side and show the curves of your body. Nicole gets points for actually paying attention, though given the contradictory nature of advice on this show at some point that might be a detriment. She jumps in profile, and Nigel and Marisa think she turned the wrong way. Then there's Jennifer, who pees her pants as she jumps. Metaphorically. I think. She says the experience was exhilarating. Finally, there's Sundai. She's scared of being dashed on the rocks, as you do. However, she's here to win the competition so convinces herself that she can do it. Sundai jumps, and her landing is the only really dodgy one. She apparently hits the water with the side of her face, which, ouch. She says that water jetted into her ear, and it really hurt. But she lives. I was hoping someone would at least get impaled a little and the blood would attract sharks. Ah well, a girl can dream.

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