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Dive Bomb

Nicole is up next. She was nervous going into the shoot, but then gave herself a pep talk in which she told herself not to be a baby. That's really what you have to do in many of life's uncomfortable situations. She got over it. Back on the surface, the girls talk about how Nicole is inevitable going to rock this shoot like she rocks everything. Erin pipes in with, "I hope she freaks out." We could have predicted that. Nicole surfaces for Jay's feedback, and he tells her that they already have a shot. He wants her to go back down and have more fun with it, because that's when she comes alive. Jay gives kudos to Nicole, saying that she was playing around and had dynamic movement with a serene expression. That's what he asked her to do, and she did it. Jennifer tells us that Nicole is very big competition, however that pushes her to try harder.

And so Jennifer is next, trying harder. As she moves, Jay says that what she's doing is beautiful, but not in line with the goals of the shoot. She's hovering around the surface, and the photos are supposed to be underwater. When she gets back on the boat, Jay tells her that he didn't see any of her balletic, acrobatic moves. And even though the surface shots are stunning, they need to get her underwater. Jennifer is thankful for her second chance, and starts to get comfortable. She poses, swims, and makes shapes in the water. She's going with the flow, and it just happens to be an awesome flow.

And then there's Sundai. She tells us that she didn't go all the way underwater because she has an asthma problem and has to stay close to the surface. She can't hold her breath very long, and keeps swallowing water when she goes underwater. Things are not going well for her. Russell tells us that Sundai kept coming up with excuses along the lines of, "My ears hurt! The water's going up my nose! I have asthma!" And what she really needed to do was suck it up and get the job done. He's clearly unimpressed. Sundai surfaces, and Jay asks if she was using the regulator. Sundai says she wasn't because she was too scared since if she goes too deep she won't be able to breathe at all. Jay calls bullshit, saying that people with asthma dive so she should be able to do it. He thinks she's psyching herself out, and would hate to see her go home since her trouble here is really mental. On her second chance, Sundai vows to focus. Her performance is "ish." The poor thing trips on her way back up the boat stairs. It's not her week.

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