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Laura is next, and the judges immediately know that grandma Wanda Sue made her bolero jacket. Indeed, Laura saw it in Harper's Bazaar and told her grandma she had to have it, and grandma sent it to Laura for her birthday. Once again, I think Laura is drunk. Or maybe it's possible to have drunk-voice all the time when you're made of happiness and light? Marisa says the jacket would look cute with a pair of jeans rather than the dress Laura is wearing, and Tyra confiscates it. Tyra asks Laura about the shoot, and Laura says it was very scary since her biggest fear in the whole wide world is to suffocate or drown. It was very emotional for her. Tyra tells her that her body language is absolutely beautiful, and she had no idea that Laura had such a big fear of drowning. It didn't show that Laura struggled, which means she can push past her fear. Miss J. tells Laura that sometimes it's unwise to volunteer too much information, because it might negatively color the judges' perception of the photo. Because they have no objectivity, clearly. Marisa notes that Laura's back is in the light and her face is in the shadow. She needs to find the light, which is a model's best friend.

Jennifer is next, and her shot is unusual because her body is straight up and down with her head turned back. Nigel thinks it's stunning. It has an element of model, an element of dream, and an element of fantasy. It's not obvious, which is why he likes it. And that in itself is obvious. Tyra notes that, standing before panel, Jennifer looks like she's holding her breath. Jennifer explains that she always does that, and in fact is usually a little lightheaded when she leaves panel. Tyra leads everyone in a breathing exercise. She then tells Jennifer that she loves the photo, and that her legs look exceptionally long. Marisa says that Jennifer did a great job, but she thinks that her body is too straight. It's important to take a deep breath from the oxygen tank and then relax a bit. Miss J. agrees that her legs could be broken up a bit to look softer, but other than that it's a beautiful picture.

Nicole is next, and Nigel says that her photo is different and it almost looks like she's dancing. Her face and arms are gorgeous, but man does she have some weird skinny chicken legs. They're like ghostly toothpicks. Nigel says that he never would have expected the energy in her face, which is very cool and sort of 80's hip. Marisa agrees, and says that the light is hitting her face beautifully. Her position is unexpected, but it looks like she's dancing. Tyra also appreciates that Laura is going toward the light. Miss J. loves it from the waist up, but isn't crazy about her crazy legs. Tyra reminds Nicole to always point her toe, which leads to a story about Tyra and her toes. It's hard for Tyra to point her toes because she's super flat-footed. So she points points points points points and then flexes. And I mean, wow. She really has been through challenges in her life. First Paris at fifteen and then this. Marisa reminds Nicole of the power of Barbie toe, which Miss J. says is also a good technique to use when your shoe falls off on the catwalk. Good to know.

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