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Aminat is not thrilled to be on a team with Sandra, but is prepared to suck it up in the name of winning the challenge. Team 3 finds a model in pretty, headband-wearing Megan, team 2 scores funky Lexi, Team 4 finds Alex of the pink scarf, and Team 1 gets striking shopper Lily. Team 1 wastes no time in taking Lily to the wall, where Aminat tells her all about how Eyelights Goodtimes can work for her. Elyssa likes how they spent time introducing their foundling to the Cover Girl wall, which is apparently what they were instructed to do. However, she noted that Sandra was a little quiet. That is all probably for the best. London gives Megan some mascara-application tips, and Sutan thinks that team 3's makeup was definitely the best. However, Elyssa notes, they weren't asked to be makeup artists. Team 4 made their girl feel confident, but neglected to take her to the Cover Girl station. Instead they brought the products to her. Horrors. Team 2 was a little overzealous with Lexi, and it stressed out Sutan.

Elyssa and Sutan give the girls their evaluation. Sandra was very quiet, however team 1 spent a lot of time at the wall and really made the whole thing a big "tah-dah" experience for Lily. Yes, I'm sure she'll never be the same after this unique experience at a facsimile WalMart aisle. Team 2 was too frantic in their approach. Team 3 had amazing makeup skills, but fell short in the ambassador category. Team 4 did not use the wall. And so Team 1 wins! Aminat and Celia celebrate their victory and let Sandra bounce all around by herself. Sutan tells the haters that there will be more challenges. Which means more opportunity to mix up the haterade!

The girls head to dinner at an African restaurant called Merkato Fifty Five. Aminat, being of legal age, decides to order a drink. And really, wouldn't you need one by now? Out of nowhere Sandra busts out with, "You guys, don't get drunk." On the contrary, they should get drunk and fight and make out with each other and stuff! If this were Rock of Love, we wouldn't be having such a discussion. Aminat tells Sandra not to put her two cents in when nobody's asked for her opinion. Or, to put it more plainly, "Keep it cute, or put it on mute." Aminat tells Sandra that there's a difference between silly and dumb-assedness. Sandra, meanwhile, confessionalizes, "You know, you want to be America's Next Top Model but you act so... trashy." Aminat kind of sounds like she's slurring a little, but honestly I think her voice is just like that. She loudly says that people are so stupid sometimes, then appears to drink a shot as we head to commercials.

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