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Blinded by the Light

When we return, there is Tyra Mail! "How many models does it take to screw in a light bulb? I guess we'll find out tomorrow. Love, Tyra." Kortnie wonders if they'll be doing some construction work. I actually wouldn't put it past Tyra to have this sudden influx of free labor do the electrical work for her new condo. Sandra tells us that her plan is to maintain focus and not let the other bitches get her down.

The next day the girls head to a dark alley where they meet Jay Manuel. He says that today is all about the lights, then flips a switch and illuminates himself dramatically. He always tells the girls to find the light, and today the girls will not only be focusing on the light but self-directing it. Jay self-directs the light so it reflects off of the sequins on his turtleneck. He is wearing a jacket made of crumpled up newspaper, which actually kind of suits him. There's another surprise, too -- the photographer for this shoot is Mr. Nigel Barker. Aminat notes that it kind of freaked her out to have Nigel as their photographer, since he is their judge and all. She's determined to let go of all the drama and have a good shoot. Nigel tells the girls that this is their opportunity to have some fun and show him what they've got.

The girls head to hair and makeup, and Tahlia tells us that the shoot has a rock n' roll theme. There's crazy hair and outrageous makeup and outfits in neon fur and purple leather. Tahlia, Nijah, Allison and Jessica are first to emerge, and Jay tells them that it's a group shoot. Nigel holds up contraptions that look like curling irons but that actually are lights that flash, and gives very brief instructions on how to use them. He tells them to remember to not only illuminate their faces but their clothes. The girls take their places atop a trash heap, and Tahlia is up first with the hand-held lights. She clearly has no clue as to what she's doing and is mostly just trying not to fall and cause herself further damage. Allison is next and looks like she could fit the light into one of her wide-open crazy eyes and twitch her finger while saying, "Danny isn't here, Mrs. Torrence." Nijah is disappointing to Nigel because while she's beautiful and has almost the same name as him, she lacks passion in her eyes. I'm sure this is just setting up a Tyra Banks dead eyes / fierce eyes lesson for later. Jessica gives us a tiny lesson on the importance of lighting, then manages to look like a little kid running around with a flashlight under her chin. I'm suddenly in the mood for s'mores and ghost stories. Jessica is a disappointment as well and doesn't feel the light like Nigel wishes she would.

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