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Timing Is Everything

The second part of the lesson will entail the girls walking across a busy Manhattan street full of cars, people, and MADNESS! This is a good opportunity to work on pacing, with pesky people and cars getting in the way and/or running you over. The girls must also take off their jackets as they walk. It's like real life Frogger! I like it. Jessica is first to go, and really works it. Heads turn. A couple in a man-on-the-street interview say that they saw her from a block away, and that she looks lovely. I should add that it appears to be quite cold in New York, so bitches taking off their coats in the middle of the street seems extra unusual. Angelea is next, and notes that you have to cross the street and cross back before the light changes. Ms. J. says that Angelea kept her pace, but she needs a little more bump in her grind.

And then there's Ren. She confessionalizes/snits, "It was kind of silly. We had to go into the 45 degree weather, and cross the damn New York busy street." I love how she thinks she has to explain that this show is "kind of silly." I want someone to pry her eyes open A Clockwork Orange style and make her watch Super Smize repeatedly until she goes fully mental. Naduah loves that people are looking her like she's crazy, because it "means attention." She's like a big, oversized kid from a sex-crazed cult, isn't she? A man on the street says that he noticed Naduah giving "weird face" and didn't know what it was all about. Another woman on the street opines that these girls need to put some clothes on, because it's too cold. Maybe in addition to the random poisoned food item in the house and the possibility of getting run over by a car, the producers are trying to give someone pneumonia! I like it. Back in the building, Ms. J. reiterates that timing is everything, and sends the girls on their way.

Back at home, there is Tyra Mail! "2morrow u will really need 2 b in the swing of things. Luv, Tyra." Alasia starts screaming, and Ren confessionalizes that she'd like Alasia to shut the fuck up for one second. She adds, "Please," but I think we can all assume that this politeness will be short lived. The next day, the girls head to Surrogate's Courthouse in lower Manhattan. Maybe this is where ALT gets his judicial robes? Ms. J. is there to greet them, and tells the girls that this is their first runway challenge. He introduces designer Rachel Roy, who has dressed some of the red carpet's hottest stars AND Michelle Obama. Rachel tells the girls that they'll be wearing her 2010 spring designs, and the girl who wins the challenge will get to keep her fabulous garment and be featured on in an upcoming fall/winter collection.


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