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When we return, Ren tells Anslee that she's had it with all of these stupid fights. She went from having absolutely no drama in her life -- being poor as hell, but still being happy -- to "this." Ren confessionalizes that, for her sanity, she's not sure how long she can possibly uphold this. Anslee seems to like Ren, and doesn't want her to compromise her mental stability. Ren agrees that it's not worth it. Anslee confessionalizes that she likes Ren, but if Ren doesn't want to be there, she doesn't need to be there. True enough.

Tyra Mail! "make ur mark b4 u disappear. Luv, Tyra." The girls head to an abandoned/condemned building in Brooklyn, and head to the roof. Jay Manuel meets them and explains that they'll have their first beauty shot today, with Manhattan in the background! The shot is for a cool new fragrance that sprays on with color, and then disappears. But that's not all! There's a wind machine, and a rain machine, and the girls will have to make it look like they're not affected at all by the manufactured elements. There is hair and makeup, and we learn that it's a cold day. Otherwise, why have water?

Alasia is first to shoot. She meets photographer Brian Edwards, who did Cycle 12's Ellis Island shoot. Alasia sprays on the colorful perfume, and the wind and rain starts. She takes a minute to catch her breath. The conditions look pretty miserable. Alasia does better than last week, but Jay says that she needs to stop analyzing, listen, and retain the information that she's given. Makeup artist Hope Choman paints a black/blue lip on Jessica, to make it look like she's been eating tar. Jessica does a good job using the sheer fabric that each girl is wearing. Alexandra is next, and knows that she has to make it work after getting knocked off the runway by a giant pendulum. Alexandra does some weird vogue-ing hand movements, but after Jay yells at her for a while she gets much better. Angelea is next, and Brian tells her that she looks like a cat getting thrown into water. I can attest that that's not a pretty sight. Jay loves Angelea's semi-profile poses.

Meanwhile, Naduah is "touching up" her makeup after the makeup artist has already treated her. Anslee tells us that Naduah thinks Naduah knows too much. You're here to learn, she adds, and not act like a pathologically lying know-it-all. Naduah says that sometimes the other girls get uncomfortable around her. She's okay with that, since she understands that her extreme confidence might be interpreted as arrogance. Or it could be that she practices weird poses in a bra and no underwear while everyone else is just chilling fully-clothed. Naduah heads on set and Jay tells her that, because he expected the most from her, he was disappointed in her performance from last week. He tells her to go back to the basics and not overthink it. Naduah starts posing amidst wind and rain, and Jay says that it's not pretty at all. She apparently gets overly complicated, when really she needs to be simple. She tries to fight the wind machine with her mouth and ends up looking like a blow-up doll. That for sure is the wrong kind of catalog.

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