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The judges deliberate. Ren is an unspeakable trainwreck according to ALT. Rachel thinks that the shot is cold and depressing. Krista's photo is classy, and she's one of Rachel's favorites. ALT thinks that Naduah is dreckitude. Her pictures are average, says Nigel, and Tyra adds that she's flat. Tatianna expresses a beautiful fragility and looks much younger than she is. ALT thinks she did a great job. Rachel is nervous about Brenda being a model on her website. Tyra assures her that Brenda actually can take a picture, even if this one wasn't very good. Jessica's photo is not exciting, and ALT says he wants to be etonne. That means astonished. Nigel likes Angelea's photo, and everyone is surprised that she's able to deliver a feminine shot two weeks in a row. Alexandra's photo is very "Modeling 101," but ALT thinks she can learn. Simone is a pretty girl who has always been told how pretty she is, and needs to learn how to work harder. Raina is the greatest. Anslee is only evoking a jutting chin, according to ALT, but he adds that "sometimes a great, jutting, WASPy chin is needed." That may be my favorite thing he's said yet. Alasia doesn't stand out in the photo or on the runway, according to Rachel. But Tyra likes her photo, and how she looks like she's about to open a can of whoop-ass. Girl, that can has been opened and is now in the recycling bin. As Nigel says, "The smell of whoop-ass," the judges have reached a decision.

Twelve beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has eleven photos in her hand. The first name to be called, and the best picture of the week, is Raina. Krista is called next, followed by Anslee, Tatianna, Simone, Alexandra, Angelea, Alasia, Brenda, and Jessica. This leaves Ren and Naduah in the bottom two. That's a bit of a surprise, since I figured both of them would be around for a while. Naduah stands in the bottom two because the judges see something that's very different and out of the box, but her posing techniques are so classic that her edge is almost a waste. And then there's Ren, who's "edgy," "cool," and "interesting." Her photo looks like an ad for H1N1 vaccine. So who stays in the competition? Ren. I guess willingness to go head to head with Alasia is more interesting than pathological lying in the end.

Tyra tells Naduah that she's dressed in a beautiful and classic way, but it's not what sells in the industry. She can't water down her edgy shaved head with plain old pretty niceness. Naduah thanks Tyra for the opportunity, and bids the others goodbye. She cries as she packs and tells us that the judges didn't give her the opportunity that she deserved. She had experience, and general passion, and is surprised that they didn't see more in her. Naduah is insulted that some of the girls don't have a desire for modeling, yet are still in the competition. Naduah says that walking out of this experience she'll not only continue as she always has, but flourish. Pathological lies!

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