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Simone is up next and shows off her awesome/dreadful hair. Sally thinks that Simone looks stiff in her photo, but she can't get over her buttery skin and how sexy she looks. Tyra encourages Simone to smize and take things to the next level. Then there's Gabrielle. There is total silence when her photo pops up. Nigel says that Gabrielle looks scared, and like she's covering herself. Well, technically that's exactly what she's doing. ALT thinks that the pose is awkward, and that Gabrielle should have been more relaxed. Gabrielle lost her neck to boot, and Tyra reminds her that the neck is key to being a model.

Jessica is up next, and the judges aren't crazy about her puffy skirt. She strips down to a tank top and leggings, and they love it. The judges also love her photo. ALT says that Jessica is giving high fashion. Her hair is "totally sauvage," but still bold and fabulous. I am going to start saying "totally sauvage" in staff meetings. Tyra tells Jessica that she has a gift, because she's a chameleon. She can change it up, bend, tuck, and move, and it's natural. Those are the luckiest girls. Not so lucky is Krista, who, as predicted, has a terrible photo. Tyra says that Krista looks like a 1960's mannequin in an antiquated pose. She needed to sell her crazy hair and makeup. Tyra asks Krista what she thinks of her makeover, and Krista admits that she feels a little plain. However, she realizes that Tyra gave her said plain makeover because she has fab cheekbones.

Next is Naduah. ALT thinks her photo looks completely artificial, like she's studied a famous portrait of someone. There's no sense of the real her. Nigel thinks that her face looks incredible, but almost like it's chopped off from the rest of the body. Tyra tells Naduah that her confidence shines in her photos, and that she's impressed. Brenda is next, with her watch photo. ALT thinks that her knee and leg look awkward. Nigel agrees, but says that the look in Brenda's eyes is powerful and alluring. Tyra notes that Brenda's hiding her neck, but it works. Cut to Gabrielle, ever neckless in the wrong way. Tyra points out that Brenda had a hard time with the makeover. Brenda's not a drama queen about it, but does say that she's always had long hair and it's like a security blanket. Sally says that Brenda had to do this makeover, and notes that she's seen many models struggle with plain old hair, but then become huge when they chop it. That seems good enough for Brenda at the moment.

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