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Alexandra's face is really '70s and retro, but Nigel thinks she's merely pretty. Brenda has a great face and luscious lips, according to Sally, and Nigel thinks that she's got strength in her eyes. Raina has extraordinary lyricism in her body, according to ALT, and Tyra adds that she has a secret in her eyes. ALT is impressed that she knew how to put the ring on and sell it. Nigel thinks that Alasia's photo is all wrong, and Sally adds that it's amateurish. However, ALT thinks it's bold, out of the box, imaginative, and he loves the awkwardness of her legs. Nigel makes a pun on the word "asset," and appears more doofusy than ever when positioned two seats down from ALT. Everyone loves Angelea's photo. Nigel and ALT have a disagreement about whether her hand is dainty or powerful. I think these two are going to hate each other but quick. ALT and Tyra like Anslee's picture a lot more than it seemed earlier. Mostly, they want the clutch purse. With that, the judges have reached a decision!

Thirteen beautiful young ladies, twelve photos. You know the drill. The girl who has the best photo of the week will be called first, and her photo will be displayed as digital art in the Top Model house. Additionally, the girl who has the best photo each week will also participate in the prize from the next challenge, no matter how poorly she does in said challenge. And the girl with the best photo this week is Jessica! See, the Lord loves you in the buff. Angelea is called next, followed by Ren, Brenda, Simone, Tatianna, Anslee, Raina, Naduah, Alexandra, and Krista. This leaves Gabrielle and Alasia in the bottom two. Two beautiful young ladies, one photo. And that photo represents the girl who's still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Gabrielle is a lovely girl in person, but there was dead silence when her photo appeared on screen. That dead silence represents a reader turning the page in a magazine. That's a problem. Alasia's photo made the judges feel very uncomfortable. She might be one of those girls whom the camera hates. So who stays? Alasia. Because you don't fuck with ALT and his salon. Poor Gabrielle, though -- that's a surprise. And she looks so pretty with her new curly blonde hair.

Gabrielle packs her things and admits she's in major shock. She wanted to represent women all over, but also break a barrier for herself. But she didn't. She intends to go to school for fashion merchandising and model on the side. But no matter what, she's going to be somebody. Somebody who can't sell a pair of gold leggings. Which, when you think about it, is actually okay.

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