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We don't even get a commercial break as we head into the second hour of the show! Alasia says that being in the bottom two was a real wake-up call. She's glad that the judges see that she has potential, and assures us that she can do this with a little teaching. The girls head home and make a ruckus over Jessica's winning photo. Ren pours herself a glass of red. She confessionalizes that all of the girls talking so loud is seriously giving her a brutal headache. Alasia, who constantly screams -- even with her mouth stuffed with marshmallows! -- has a special place in Ren's ire. Ren says that it's so hard to be there, because she thinks she's far too intelligent. Cut to Alasia screaming with the marshmallows some more. Okay, well, maybe she has a point. But still, what a shit slice. Also, from certain angles, she really looks like Beavis.

Tyra Mail! "y did the model cross the road? guess u will have 2 find out 2morrow. Luv, Tyra." The girls all figure that there's a runway teach ahead. Little do they know what's in store for their challenge. Mwah ha ha! Mwah ha ha ha! MWAH HA HA HA! Sorry for the boundless evil enthusiasm, but the addition of ALT and this episode has reminded me of all that's good about Top Model , and I just can't contain my excitement! Foreshadowing agrees, and has Alexandra say that she's always been involved in competitions, and she gets bothered if she does even the tiniest thing wrong. Again with the mwah ha ha!

Meanwhile, Naduah talks to some of her fellow models in their bedroom. Apparently, she has eight brothers and sisters. And THEN, she totally loses her accent as she says that she was born into a religious cult and it was a big deal for her when she left at seventeen. Hmm. Naduah regains her accent as she interviews that being in this competition means a lot, because growing up in a cult is very draining physically and emotionally. Well, I guess. It's not unpoisoned Kool-Aid parties all the time, after all. Naduah gets a little bit of the accent back as she tells the girls that she wouldn't change a thing, because it made her the control freak that she is today.

Raina asks Naduah if she's done a naked photo shoot. Naduah says she has, with her husband, and that it was very sexy because he's black and she's white. Uhhh... hmm. Also, isn't she half Mexican? Naduah then goes on to commend her own tastefulness, and tell the others that Playboy asked her to work for them and she turned them down. Maybe they asked her to be a waitress at the Cancun version of the mansion or something? Naduah interviews that she has a lot of experience, and has done a lot of local work in Cancun. She goes on to say that for one fashion week, she had a long blonde wig. Raina confirms that Naduah has been in four international fashion weeks in the past year, and assumes that she must have some bank. Naduah says that no one pays well, which is why she's on the show.

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