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Timing Is Everything

Lest you think that enthusiastic Raina is buying all this, she interviews that sometimes Naduah's stories don't add up to her. We cut to Naduah talking about how poor she was, and how she was begging on the street. Raina asks why she would then turn down work from Playboy. Naduah then says that a lot of people owe her money now, from years and years of working. Brenda looks skeptical. She interviews that she doesn't doubt that Naduah grew up in a cult and suffered various trauma, but adds, "But with all the different stories... I don't know." Raina and Anslee discuss how Naduah's various stories don't add up. Raina wonders where Naduah's ring is, if she's married to Mr. Hot Black Model. She thinks it's sad, but Anslee thinks it's pathetic. Tough talk from someone who appears to have a twigs and berries tattoo on her wrist. Naduah interviews that she hasn't made close friends yet, probably because the other girls are intimidated by her experience and confidence. And/or think she's a shady pathological liar. Could go either way! With that, commercials.

When we return, the girls head to some sort of building filled with windows and empty space for a runway teach. Ms. J., of course, is the teacher. He has a metronome, and tells the girls that timing is everything. He then rolls up his sleeves to reveal a whole bunch of watches, which I guess indicates that he fell just as prey to the Swatch Watch phase as the rest of us. A top model must keep her timing and pace perfectly on the runway, he says. But first, they must learn how to take off a coat. Start with the bottom buttons, FYI. And then once you take it off, kind of whip it to the side. Timing! Pace! Jackets! J. tells Tatianna that she needs to smile and not act like her coat is dirty laundry. Alexandra walks and tells us that a benefit of being a competitive person is that she can take critiques well. To J., she listens as Ms. J. says that she shouldn't look down when she's walking. And that, my friends, is where it all began.

Anslee needs to keep her shoulders back, which is counter to the baby stroller pushing that she's used to. Naduah does a weird thing with her mouth. Miss J. says that Ren could have a great career, but she doesn't see it yet. He reminds us that this is the very same girl who had to have her armpits trimmed on makeover day. However, there's still some potential. Alasia's walk is roundly viewed as garbage. Miss J. says that her walk is like the old black woman who keeps her hands on her purse on the subway. He then does an impression of that woman, complete with sound effects that go, "Watchu talkin' bout, chiiile?" It's like a combination of Willis and Florence from The Jeffersons, and is quite funny. Ms. J.'s demotion is the best thing that could have happened to him, I think.

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