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When we return, Brittani tells us that she was in fact really passionate about the subject of the photo and felt a lot of emotion, but then Nigel told her that she wasn't doing anything. That really hurt. Brittani finishes, and her bonsai tree sags a little bit. Hannah is up next, and her symbol is the spiral. She has one of those twirly ribbons on a stick, along with a silver jumpsuit. Nigel tells her that the spiral action is working, but she shouldn't forget to think about what she's doing. Hannah looks confused, like what other motivation would she need to land the cover of a Get in Shape Girl box other than the desire for fitness through colorful accessories? Nigel says that Hannah looked fantastic, but was more focused on twirling the ribbon than on getting the requisite passion in her eyes.

Backstage, Nigel asks Mikaela what a campaign like this means to her, and she tearfully says that one of her nieces doesn't have a grandmother because of the breast cancer. Nigel hugs her and talks about what a sad thing it is. Mikaela interviews that she wanted to bring some softness to her war paint symbol, but didn't want to bring it down too much by crying. We see her in some sort of toga-ish dress, a big spear, and some war paint-like rouge on her cheeks. Nigel tells us that Mikaela looked great, but kept doing the same thing over and over. He was frustrated. Molly is next, as the symbol of angel wings. She looks more like the symbol of "under eye bags." Nigel asks Molly what she's thinking about, and she mentions a friend of her parents who died. Nigel tells her to be that angel. Molly would like to win this one not only for the message, but also because she hasn't won any challenges yet. All philanthropy really does have at its base self-interest. We don't learn how good or bad Molly's performance is, so I'll assume that she's fine.

Alexandria is last, and her symbol is the tree of love. She says that it represents the people who grow and stay strong through anything that's thrown their way -- even bitchy housemates who rifle through their diaries when they're crying on the phone to their UFC fighter boyfriends. Alexandria's styling is totally hideous, and she stands in a big dirt patch. She herself is the tree. Brittani says that Alexandria was doing the same thing she always does in each of her shots, which involves a very whack face. Brittani would like Alexandria to go away, because she's engendering a lot of negative energy within Brittani. Alexandria stands with her arms stretched out in her Von Trapp curtains ensemble, and Nigel says it's gorgeous. From the sidelines, Brittani says to Molly that it doesn't look that great to her. Molly just shrugs and notes that Nigel seems to think it looks good. She is keeping her shit together even though she's clearly not pleased, which should serve as a lesson to Brit-Brit. Nigel gets his final shot, and we're done.

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