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Tyra asks Brittani why she did such a thing in front of the client. Brittani gets upset and says that she didn't confront Alexandria and say directly, "You didn't deserve to win." Alexandria disagrees with that interpretation of events. So do I, though Brittani is totally arguing on a technicality. If you'll recall, Brittani also called Alexandria ugly. Brittani argues that she did none of this to Alexandria's face, but rather was just speaking really loudly to the other girls and Alexandria overheard. Tyra points out that the client overheard as well, and Brittani says that she apologized, and was just talking quietly to the other girls. "Quietly." I mean, look. Brittani was pissed off and stank and got in a big old fight and we all saw it. I'm not saying that all the things she thinks about Alexandria aren't true, but she did get real trailer park. If that Louise Brooks bob were a wig, Brittani totally would have whipped it off in the heat of the moment. Brittani starts crying for real, and says she feels horrible because she made herself look like a bad person due to her feelings about Alexandria. She gasps for air and continues that she's so mad at herself for letting Alexandria do this to her. Well, again. We've had no evidence that Alexandria is actually smart enough to be some sort of puppetmaster, so I think the real culprit here is Brittani's own ability to control her shit. Pull it together, bitch.

Tyra has had a stern look on her face all this time, and now gets to testify. She says that in terms of sportsmanship, what Brittani has done is one of the weakest things that a role model can do. No matter what you feel inside about how deserving of commendation someone is, you need to shut your lips, especially in front of a client. She says that this is a business, and you have to respect your client, your co-workers, and yourself. The mere idea of self-respect is simply too much for Brittani, and she fans herself and walks out of panel as we head to a commercial.

When we return, Tyra tells the other, somewhat alarmed-looking girls that Brittani has left but they will continue on. She adds that this is fashion, and she's seen it all. ALT tells Alexandria that he feels bad for her at this moment, and thinks that she should buck up and put a smile on her face. Meanwhile, Brittani is backstage in a really compressed child's pose, right on the tile floor. She drinks water and cries and fans herself and gasps for air and finally returns to panel in time for her critique. Tyra asks why she left the set, and Brittani gasps out that she had a panic attack and can't really talk. Tyra doesn't care about any damn panic attack, and asks Brittani if she understands what the judges are talking about in terms of being nasty in front of a client. Brittani chokes out in a sort of childlike, semi-deranged voice that she knows she has to keep her mouth shut in certain places. This seems to placate Tyra momentarily, and she turns to Brittani's photo. Nigel says that it's a very sweet shoot, but she could have taken it bigger. ALT says that it's not the best picture of Brittani, but works because he sees an emotion in the eyes.

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