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It Gets Worse

When we return, there is Tyra Mail: "Beauty is in the SMIZE of the beholder. Fierce and Love, Tyra." Laura wonders if the challenge will have to do with convincing others of their own personal worth, and then talks about how, at this point in the competition, she needs to work on her own self and not get involved in the drama. The models head to a bit studio where Nigel awaits, likely with no idea of the unemployment that looms in his near future! Oh, he was so innocent then, just leering and being creepy like he does. He tells the ladies that they're going to be creating, in teams, two-minute PSAs for Tyra's B.I.O. campaign -- that stands for "Beauty, Inside and Out." It's an anti-bullying campaign, and I think that as Tyra's involvement becomes deeper it should be renamed to "It Gets Worse." Each team will be working with four young girls, who will be incorporated into the PSAs. The winning team will have their PSA released on the CW website, and will also get personal video messages from loved one on their Virgin Mobile product placements.

The two teams (British and American, of course) brainstorm for their PSAs, and the Brits come up with the slogan, "Beauty is inside and out. Beauty is you." Meanwhile, Kyle is talking to the rest of her American teammates, but nobody seems to be paying much attention. She confessionalizes that she doesn't particularly care for the American models, and doesn't want to be friends with them. Well, who's the hater now? Kyle is, however, forced to be on a team with her enemies (no "fr" included) and so is ready to get down to work. Eboni tells the others that her biggest insecurity growing up was her race and social status. She was made fun of for her nose and lips and skin color, and because she was poor she couldn't compensate with clothes and shoes and the like. Eboni says that she's been called names, and had chocolate milk thrown on her, and generally bullied. Working on the PSA, she tells us, and incorporating her negative experiences and trying to make them positive, was a struggle.

As the teams paint their respective backdrops with inspirational language and various colorful blobs, Laura tells us that she didn't always feel beautiful inside and out. She wants other little girls who also feel like they're in a hole to know that things can be changed. We get glimpses of the backdrops, and I must give credit to Twitter-er Nadia, who pointed out to me that, amongst their giant dump of paint, the Americans have spelled the word "fierce" wrong. Yep: FEIRCE. Is "I before E except after C" not taught anymore? Can we bring that back? Both backdrops are very ugly, but the Brits show a bit more restraint, in part because they don't want theirs to look as hideous as the Americans'. Sophie points out a flower on the American backdrop that looks, in her own words, like a poo. Perhaps the Americans are actually genius performance artists who work purely with their own feces? Maybe then, in context, Seymone and the haggis loaf makes sense?

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