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When we return, Alisha emphasizes that Anahi is beautiful and shouldn't let anyone tell her differently. And then there are smiles and hugs! Alisha sees perfection when she looks at Anahi, and tells us that being yourself is the most beautiful thing in the world. The models and girls continue to work together, and come up with little catchphrases about what beauty is. Filming begins, and we first see Seymone with her young friend, Zara. They have hearts on their faces, and talk about beauty being love, and love being as simple as a smile. Eboni and Natalie talk about beauty being unique. Natalie thinks beauty is her family and her music! Then there is Laura with sassmeister Esthefany, who says that beauty is freedom and freedom is mold. What she means, Laura clarifies, is that freedom is breaking ANY mold. I was wondering where that was going. Kyle and Alicia think that beauty is inspiration, and embracing individuality. Then everybody has a group shot in which they say in unison, "Beauty is me!" The PSA seemed relatively competent overall, despite the poo spot on the backdrop.

Next, it's time for the Brits to film. Catherine and her young friend Michelle are first, and deliver their lines about smarts and humor being beautiful in unison. They end with a jump and a high five, and it's a liiiiiiiittle cheesy. Alisha and Anahi are next, talking about how beauty is special, like the bond you have with your mother or sister or best friends or a pet that can get you through tough times. Speaking of moms, Alisha misses hers a whole lot and would really like to get a video message. We then see Annaliese and Chyna, who talk about how beauty is about showing your inner confidence with a smile. Raquel and Sophie think that beauty is love...of a whole bunch of things. Like fun! Love of fun! You can totally tell that Raquel is a little actress. They spin around, and then the whole group does their "Beauty is on the inside and out. Beauty is you!" catch phrase and there is much merriment.

Nigel gives critique to both groups. He likes what the Americans did, but says that it lacked an element of familiarity between the models and the girls. It didn't feel to him like they really knew each other. The Brits were very well rehearsed, and did a great job, but it was a little forced from time to time and felt less authentic. But no matter: the Brits win! Alisha feels a little bad upon seeing the dejected Americans, but soon gets over it and decides that if they wanted to win they should have worked harder. Fair enough, I guess.

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