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Catherine is up next, and Ben tells her not to be afraid, but to be British. She puts an apple in her mouth and goes for a high fashion pose, losing her tooch in the process. Jay tells us that Catherine got lost on set and didn't know what to do, and I still maintain that you can't really blame any of them for that. She starts grasping at any prop she can find, and Jay is not impressed. Annaliese is next, and Estelle thinks she did a great job and brought a little injection of life to the whole scenario. Then there's Alisha. She crawls on the table too, and Ben tells her that she needs to find ways of fitting into the environment. Alisha exposes us to the harsh reality of the pain of the extreme booty tooch. Her legs are even shaking! She's sweating! The general consensus is that Alisha struggled mightily, and not just with the physical demands of the tooch. Eboni and Sophie talk about how Alisha hasn't yet gotten the concept of "ugly-pretty," which we know is a Top Model favorite. The folks on set kept telling Alisha that they wanted more, but she in turn played it too safe, at least for Sophie's taste. As Sophie predicts a disastrous panel for Alisha and thus the Brits, we head to commercials.

When we return, Sophie's up. Ben gives her the direction to be extravagant, eccentric, and watch out for the meringue pie. Jay thinks that Sophie has finally come into her own, and is free of the horrible manacles that have been holding her back. By "manacles" I think he means her lame boyfriend. Anyway, Sophie has become more adventurous and apparently killed it. Her legs are shaking, too! She attributes this to the fact that she doesn't get much exercise. Eboni is next, and Jay tells her to amp it up a little and forget all that 30-Never nonsense for the time being. She seems to do a great job as well. Seymone is, of course, perfectly comfortable at a dinner party, and takes Jay's hint to smash a pie in Annaliese's face. Annaliese tells us that if Seymone gets best photo, she owes her one for taking it up the nose. And by "it" I mean meringue. Has Tyra gotten a pie in the face yet? She certainly seems to have earned it karmically.

And then there's Kyle. As it turns out, one of Kyle's many problems is that she doesn't have a booty to tooch. The wardrobe person gives her a training tooch, or some sort of padded equivalent. Laura tells us that Kyle is the only one of the girls who had a fake booty tooch. This only strengthens Laura's hope that Kyle is the next one to go, and she in fact is willing to shell out some money to make this happen. Kyle manages to pose through the seething hatred coming at her from the various dinner party guests, and it's a wrap! Back at the house, there is some conversation about Kyle and her fake butt. Laura thinks the only reason that her shots look good is because she was wearing butt padding. Sophie agrees, and says that because extreme tooching is really painful, Kyle had an advantage since she could focus on posing with her built-in tooch in place. She thinks that a lot of the girls were pissed about the situation.

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