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There is Tyra Mail of Doom! Someone is going home. Alisha is packing, much to her teammates' chagrin. She says that she's just preparing, although in an interview she promises us that if she goes home over Kyle, there will be drama at panel. Alisha did not cross the pond just to have someone who maybe possibly doesn't even want to be there take her dream away. I think the person that she is referring to who maybe possibly doesn't even want to be there is Tyra. But if Kyle stays and Alisha goes home, Alisha promises, there will be issues. As Eboni lights a flame for the fallen homies and homies about to fall, we head to commercials.

When we return, it's panel time. Tyra is wearing a spectacularly unflattering dress -- even more so than usual! There are prizes, there are judges. Estelle is the guest judge. Catherine is up first for evaluation, and the judges note that she is, indeed, tooching. Nigel thinks that the shot is cool and interesting, but he doesn't really understand what Catherine is doing. He thinks she's focusing too much on the tooch, and the face is doing its own thing. Cutrone wanted to the scene to be one of utter indulgence, but it's not quite getting there. Estelle says that the shot isn't doing too much for Catherine, but it's difficult to slide on a table and arch your butt cheeks. Tyra starts talking about the art of the booty tooch, and then can't believe that she even just said that, and then Nigel can't believe that she said that either... and this is why he got FIRED. Don't ever get too comfortable, people.

Alisha is next, and Nigel thinks that she looks like she has a toochache. He wishes that she was more committed, and would like her to be messier. Estelle likes Alisha's front half, but not so much the back. This unfortunately includes the tooch. Tyra reminds everyone that Alisha blew them away last week in the video, but says that her dynamism tends to evaporate in a still photo. Sophie is next, and Nigel commends her on her smizing. Estelle thinks that Sophie did really well, and loves the photo. Cutrone says that the photo is reminiscent of Ivana Trump's divorce party -- nasty, dirty, sexy, mayhem. Those four things are favorites of Cutrone's, so Sophie is in good shape.

Next is Annaliese, and Nigel thinks it's her best photo yet. Estelle notes that Annaliese upped the ante for everybody else, and was quite inventive in her posing. Cutrone agrees that it's Annaliese's best, but Tyra doesn't love the shot. She thinks Annaliese looks beautiful, but her expression is too commercial for a high-fashion tooch shoot. Eboni is next, and Nigel thinks that she's done a nice job on a pretzel tooch. Cutrone, however, thinks that it's too topsy-tury. Tyra loves it, though, and says that Eboni looks out there but still young in the face. Then there's Kyle. She tells the judges about the fake tooch, which doesn't get much reaction. Nigel thinks her photo is just okay, and better in the face than the body. However, Kyle is rocking her "signature expression," which means that all of her photos look the same. Estelle notes that Kyle wasn't really aware of what was going on around her, so the others had to dodge her. Cutrone is disappointed, and thinks that Kyle has been going steadily downhill since her beginning-of-show apex as Andy Warhol.

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