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The judges have reached a decision. Eight beautiful young ladies, seven photos. You know what they represent. And best picture for the week goes to Sophie! She's thrilled, and the other Brits are thrilled on her behalf. The runner-up is Seymone, followed by Eboni, Annaliese, Laura and Catherine. This leaves Alisha and Kyle in the bottom two. Kyle is a strong beauty, but she's not great. Furthermore, the judges are seeing the same look over and over again, and America's Next Top Model needs to have diversity while still maintaining a consistent brand. Then there's Alisha. From week to week, the judges think she's amazing, but her pictures don't measure up to who she is in person. Her fantastic video performance makes the judges wonder if she should do commercials and not model in magazines. But Alisha stays, yay! Tyra tells her that her consistently good background photos kept her in the running.

Tyra hugs Kyle and tells her to go home and practice different faces. Girls next door, she says, can indeed do different faces, and Tyra herself is living proof. Wow, what an inspirational story. Kyle tells us that this has been a hard and stressful journey, and there have been times when she's wanted to quit, but she actually did want to stay and continue and win the whole competition. She doesn't think it was really her time to go, but is proud of herself and hopes that Texas will be proud of her too. And then, just in case we were tempted to start liking Kyle a little bit, we get the, "Hi! I'm Kyle! And I smile for miles!" clip again. Stop, drop, and please let us never have to hear your voice again!

Next week: Big time fashion walking deal where Catherine trips and heavy dresses made of Hello Kitty merchandise!

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