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So who stays in the competition? It's Angelea! Oh, yay. I would miss her so if she were gone, and am fundamentally rooting for her in a general life sense. Tyra hugs Dominique, and tells her to be memorable. Great advice, Tyra. Great advice. Over her viral hit, "Tooch Ya Booty," Dominique says that she's happy to go home to her husband and kids, even though she's disappointed about the outcome of the competition. She wanted to win, but accepts the fact that her journey is something different. She stays true to her dream and who she is, and with that in mind -- along with the advice to work her salad -- she can't go wrong. So long, whoever you are! If we can manage to remember that you exist, we'll miss you from time to time.

Next week: Tyra directs the girls in a crazy-looking shoot, and Tyson Beckford makes a shirtless appearance. Also, Angelea works on her sob story!

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