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Then we come to Dominique. She begins by saying that she thinks honesty is really, really important. Oh, honesty and realness -- the two most consistently invoked reasons for being a big fat jerk! Dominique says that the person who is lacking in all-star confidence is Angelea. Angelea of course throws her hands up and gets an, "Oh girl, no," look on her face, but is silent for the moment. Dominique continues that she sees much of herself in Angelea, and feels that if you're an all-star, you have to know it, own it, and believe it if you want other people to do the same. You can't just talk it. Dominique's voice wavers as she says that she loves and cares about Angelea, and sees so much more in her. Well, write her a letter and leave it on her pillow. This is not the time, bitch! Angelea, of course, feels attacked. She wonders where it's coming from, and says that it's unprofessional and inconsiderate. She should know, she worked at a bank.

Miss J. asks why Dominique is getting so emotional, and she says it's because she really loves Angelea. Laura picks a very bad moment to pipe in and say that she agrees with some of what Dominique is saying, and that Angelea doesn't see that the other girls care about her because she's so guarded. D'Amato interviews that Angelea will take any commentary as a sort of attack, and is basically a ticking time bomb. And yet, she opens her maw too and joins in. She tells Angelea that her brand is persistence, and yet she doesn't even know what Angelea sells. Fritos? Who cares. Dominique pipes back in to say that this might be difficult to hear now, but Angelea should just let it soak in. Dominique may let it soak in the hole that's about to be punched in her throat. Angelea says that she doesn't need to be schooled by these bitches, and then Laura gets all passionate and starts banging on the table and says that she's mad because Angelea needs to hear that she's a beautiful woman who has talent but doesn't know it. Angelea says that nobody knows her story, and then drops a Zen koan on everyone by noting, "I hear what y'all saying. But I'm not trying to hear it." Try to work it out in your brain a little while and see if it doesn't blow your mind.

Angelea interviews that, out of all the girls, she's the one who's struggled the most, and others don't expect her to succeed or be something other than hood. Miss J. stops Angelea before she can truly go off, then asks her to get up and say who she thinks doesn't deserve to be there. Meanwhile, Lisa tells us that any time Angelea is threatened she gets very passive-aggressive. I would say that she gets aggressive-aggressive, actually. Laura tries to explain to Angelea that she doesn't want her to feel attacked. But, you know, Angelea still feels attacked. She gets mad when she thinks Laura won't let her speak, and says that when she defends herself she looks angry. That's a fair meta critique, actually. Miss J. then reaches to either side of the table and clutches the hands of Laura and Allison. I mean, no one is on the floor in a pool of blood. I think everyone can handle themselves at this moment. Okay, except maybe Allison. This is all too much for Angelea, who storms out of the room while saying, "Y'all bitches. I know what y'all are trying to do. Stupid bitches. Fuck y'all. Fuck all y'all. Kiss my ass. Dumb-ass bitches." They should have kept Bianca around simply because her equivalent rant would have been much more innovative. With that, we head to commercials.

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