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Looking Through the Fierce Eyes of Love

Sheena is up first for evaluation. Her photo is intense and fierce. Nigel says that she was great to shoot, and Tyra compliments her on really going for it. Next up is Joslyn. Tyra tells her that she has too much white under her eye in her photo. She needs to squint and smile with her eyes. Nigel tells Joslyn that she can't swim, and looked like she was drowning. Paulina agrees that she looked terrified. Marjorie is next. I think she looks cool and a lot like Annie Lennox, but Paulina says that personally, this shot would give her nightmares. Maybe Paulina has a deep-rooted fear of sea mammals? Nigel says that it's not always about being pretty, but about pushing it to another level. Tyra says that high fashion is about making people have a reaction, and she thinks it's a beautiful picture.

Next is Lauren Brie. Paulina busts out with an, "Oh yeah, baby." Tyra loves the mystery and devilishness in Lauren Brie's eyes. It gets raves all around. Then there's Isis. Paulina tells her that her arm draws more attention to the picture than her eyes, which is not good. Nigel says that Isis got so wrapped up with her swimsuit and "various other elements" that she was just bobbing in the water. Isis confesses that she was worried about what might come off or pop out. Nigel tells her that she made too much of a big deal about it, and it hampered her performance.

Next is Clark. Nigel tells her that she was great, and the only one who smiled not just with her eyes, but with her whole body. Tyra loves the photo too. Then we have McKey. Tyra thinks the photo is great, and very intense. Paulina would have liked the shot more if it weren't for McKey's big old hand coming out of the water. Nigel says that a hand can work, but doesn't work in this instance because it looks like a club. Jeremy, who only cares about things having to do with himself, notes that McKey had the most difficult outfit at the runway show and pulled it off with great charm.

Then there's Elina. Nigel says that he expected so much out of Elina, but she just got stuck in the water. Tyra asks why she got so stuck. Elina says that she's never posed in water, and it came as a shock. Tyra tells Elina that because she has such heavily hooded eyes, she shouldn't tilt her head down. She loses her eyes because the meat falls on top of her eyes. That particular imagery makes me want to barf. Thanks, Tyra. We then have Analeigh, whose photo makes good use of her legs. Nigel loves it, and says that she took advantage of her skater talents and combined it with her great eyes and great legs. Paulina says that her eyes in particular aren't to die for, but the whole shot is.

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