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Samantha is last up. Tyra tells Samantha that she has a gift of her hands. There's no model working now or recently who does the things that she does with her hands. Jeremy loves the photo, and in fact thinks it's one of the best, however she did the worst in the runway show. She was touching her body and raising her dress, which made Jeremy seethe. He notes that perhaps with the blindfold on she thought there was a pole at the end of the runway. He only wishes that strippers would wear his ugly ass clothes. He really lays into Samantha, saying that she was representing him as a designer, and that it's not her show and she's not a rock star. Tyra is happy that Jeremy is being so passionate, because it makes the models understand that they are modeling for a designer, and the designer's reputation is on the line. This is a business first, she says. Samantha looks like she kind of wants to cry, but doesn't. Good for her.

And then it's time for Top Models in Action! Remember ? After spending two months overseas, Chantal now resides in L.A. and is signed with Nous model management. Apparently she has been working nonstop. For example, she just posed for a KMS national hair campaign. You know that this "Top Models in Action" spot seemed like a good idea until the producers realized that after Toccara and Shannon things get pretty bleak.

The judges deliberate. As Tyra says, it's time to decide who's going back to their hizzle for shizzle. No, she actually said that. She's black as the night is long, isn't she? Sheena has fierce, powerful eyes. Miss J. brings up the boxing thing for McKey, for no reason at all. Elina was stuck, and sucked. Miss J. and Paulina stick up for her decision to announce that she was stuck. Analeigh did a great job, and it's a good thing, because Paulina would have voted her off otherwise. Joslyn was a mess at first, but once Nigel taught her the magic secret of how to hold her breath underwater, she did a good job. Marjorie's photo is interesting and different, according to Nigel, but Paulina thinks she looks like the Headless Horseman drowning in a pool of his own blood. Tyra thinks that's fierce. Lauren Brie's photo is stunning. Isis tries so hard to blend in with everyone else, says Paulina, that she's becoming forgettable. Tyra agrees, saying that Isis is scared to stand out. In her position, says Paulina, she has to stand out or there's nothing there. Clark's eyes were the most powerful of the bunch, says Nigel. Tyra notes that Clark is very confident, and that there's maybe a little bit of cockiness in there as well. Samantha's modeling is good, according to Paulina. Jeremy notes that her walking is a combination of a truck driver and a stripper, and then she's pulling her dress up to boot at the end of the runway. He calls the whole incident shocking and inappropriate, and says that she needs to know the difference between a fashion show and a strip show. Did a stripper beat him up when he was a little kid or something?

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