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The girls return and stand before Tyra. There are ten of them, but she only has nine photos in her hands. And the first one goes to...Clark. Oh, drat. I think the photo was so good because you can't see two-thirds of her face. Tyra then calls Analeigh, followed by Lauren Brie, Sheena, McKey, Marjorie, Joslyn, and Elina. This of course leaves Samantha and Isis in the bottom two. Last season on Top Model, Isis stood out in the background of a photo. But from week to week she continues to look sleepier and sleepier in her film. Is she coasting into nothingness because she's afraid to stand out? And then there's Samantha. Blah blah stripper dress cakes. Isis gets the boot. Really, there was no other option. Tyra asks Isis what happened, and notes that she was supposed to go so far. And you know how it pains Tyra to deviate from the plan. But the girl that they saw last season never really showed up. Tyra tells her that she can be a model if she wants to, and is already an inspiration for the GLBT community. Miss J. has to confirm for her that she got the G, the L, the B and the T right. All the girls hug Isis. She confessionalizes her thanks for getting the opportunity to come and shine. There were so many obstacles, she says, but this experience was wonderful. She thought she would go further in the competition, but promises us that she's going to use all the notes that she got in every photo shoot she has from here on out. She's developed a strong backbone and a strong sense of character, and now she's going to go out there and make her dreams come true. Give her any chance, she'll take it. Read her any rule, she'll break it. Good luck, Isis.

Next week: Everybody is sick of Marjorie! And then my DVR cut off, so I don't know what other exciting thing is going to happen!

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