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Okay, deliberations. Katarzyna's shot is great, but generally she's forgettable. Miss J. still thinks that Dominique looks like a man, but a fab man. Lauren looks graceful in her picture, but she doesn't make sense to Nigel in person. Jay, however, believes in Lauren after seeing her confidence week after week on set. Paulina does, too. Whitney has great energy in her picture, according to Paulina, but Nigel was totally unimpressed with her personality at the party. Miss J. thinks that Stacy-Ann is losing her sparkle and glitter. Nigel agrees that she's plateaued, at a time when she really needs to be raising the bar. Anya stole the show according to some judges, but Tyra doesn't think her picture is all that great. Fatima has no photo, so the judges reflect on her body of work. She went from homeless to lingerie to paint to fetus to vampire meat lover. With that trajectory in mind, the judges have reached a decision.

The girls line up in front of Tyra to find out which loser will not be heading overseas. Tyra calls Anya first, followed by Lauren, Dominique, Katarzyna and Whitney. This leaves Fatima and Stacy-Ann in the bottom two. Stacy-Ann starts crying, or else the wind has whipped up again in the hangar. The judges looked at Stacy-Ann's body of work. They think she's beautiful, but that she's hit a plateau. And then there's Fatima. The judges are disappointed that she didn't have a visa or passport. How can she expect to go overseas without that, Schoolmarm Tyra asks? And, of course, she did not participate in the photo shoot, which won no favors with anyone. But she gets a blank photo anyway, because her body of work is much stronger than Stacy-Ann's. Aw, boo. I feel like we never really got to see the fountain of delights that is Stacy-Ann.

Stacy-Ann tells us that she's so sad not to be going overseas. She was not expecting to go home. She says that she has so much energy and personality and it might have come off as fake sometimes, but she's learned a lot from the shoots and judges and is going to keep trying because God has great things in store for her. She leaves, and then Tyra is able to fully celebrate the other girls and tell them that while the judges will be traveling private first class, the top models to be will have to suffer through commercial. As she boards the place, she drops the happy bomb by saying, "See you in Rome, ladies!" There is much screaming and whooping as Whitney dreams of the spaghetti to come!

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