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The Unfriendly Skies

With the green carpet conquered, the girls must take on the party. They meet up with Jay Godfrey, who wants them to showcase how beautiful they look and make him proud. We glance for a moment on Cycle 8 winner Jaslene before cutting to Lauren talking to Ric Ocasek about punk music. She wants to prove that punk rock girls are beautiful, too. Just be yourself, she says. It helps when "yourself" is as gorgeous as she is. She looks fly. Anya talks to Ann Shoket and Jay Manuel about how much she loves New York, even though it was tough transitioning to the weather. She admits in an interview that she was nervous and tense, even though she's playing it cool. Whitney tells another party goer that she has a lot of family in Texas. They ask where, and Whitney doesn't know since she's never been there. You really wouldn't want to get too many specifics on Cousin Shelley, either. Whitney interviews that it's very important for a top model to be noticed. If you don't stand out, you get nowhere. When she leaves the Texan group Nigel asks, "What was that about?" Standing out at all costs.

Elsewhere, Anya chats it up with Jay Manuel and Cycle 2's April, who tells the girls to be themselves. As the party proceeded, Anya says, she just decided to be natural and enjoy herself. Nigel tells Lauren that she looks so great, he almost didn't recognize her. A backhanded compliment, but a compliment nonetheless. She comes across as confident at the party, which is the opposite of how she appears at panel. She says that mostly she was in so much pain because of the thumb that she just went for it. Lauren is going to be the most successful digit-free model in history! We then get clips of Stacy-Ann telling a bunch of people that she's from Miami. She says that she can mingle and network and is great at marketing herself and her dress. She thinks she has it in the bag. She really can wear clothes, at the very least.

Jay Godfrey and Lara meet with the girls to discuss how they performed. Anya was charming and knows how to sell her dress. She was poised and refined on the green carpet. Dominique, of course, didn't know the designer she was wearing. I wish Janice Dickinson and/or Joan Rivers had been the one interviewing her at that moment. Lauren is beautiful, but has to lose the potty mouth. Lara tells her to be bigger than that. To which I say, fuck you dicksucker. ["Aw. What are we going to do until Rock of Love comes back?" -- Joe R] Stacy-Ann didn't wow Lara on the red carpet, and seemed a bit distant. She shouldn't overthink it, says Lara. I somehow doubt that's the problem. The winner of the challenge, says Jay, is someone who is incredibly natural and confident. And it's ANYA. Who would have thunk it, huh? As Whitney says, " know...she's not the brightest star in the sky." Okay, now I like Whitney again. Turns out that Anya will get to go on a photo shoot for a 7UP ad. She's excited to have done well, especially by way of being herself.

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