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The Unfriendly Skies

Dominique interviews that the girls spent all night packing. At 5:50 AM they are picked up by a limo and head off to the airport. Fatima reminds us that she has an appointment with the consulate at 9 AM Maybe he'll meet her on the tarmac! The girls arrive at the airport, get out of their limo, and head to meet Jay Manuel near what Whitney thinks is their jet. As if they aren't going to put your curvy ass in coach, honey. Jay tells the girls that their luggage will actually serve as props for the day's photo shoot. Wah wah wah, again! Dominique is sad to learn that her efforts, per usual, are all for naught. Turns out they will be doing a group photo shoot that involves them running to catch a plane. An actual plane! The group will be rotated so each girl gets to be in the featured front position. The best photos of each girl will be combined into one composite shot for panel. What's more, it's windy and cold and the girls have to work fast because they need to be off the tarmac by 3:00 PM.

There is, of course, the small issue of Fatima's appointment with the consulate. She knows she can't be at the photo shoot and at the consulate at the same time. She tells Jay that she has to go deal with her travel document, and that she has a very different situation than the other girls because she is a refugee. Jay tells her that, as a model, she'll be expected to jet all over the world. He adds that this is the tenth season of ANTM, and it's an international show. They travel and everyone knows it. He says he'll start with the other girls and tells her to try to get back in time for the photo shoot. He interviews that it looks lax for Fatima to have come this far and only bring up the situation with the travel document now. He doesn't know what it will mean for her in this competition. It all depends on how much the consulate is swayed by fierceness, I suppose.

As the girls get outfitted and styled, Fatima takes a cab back to meet with the consulate. She's afraid that her appointment will take all day, and that by the time she gets back the shoot will be over. Cut back to the shoot. The girls have the cutest sort of '60s inspired clothes, hats, and luggage. Bill Heuberger will be the photographer for the day. Jay tells the girls to be energized and look like they're having fun, despite the fact that it's freezing. Whitney plans to stick out and make the other girls look bad.

Lauren is first in the spotlight position, and has to be reminded to hide her bum thumb. She reminds us that she was in the bottom two last week, and admits that her picture sucked. Jay thinks she did okay at the shoot, particularly since she was dealing with her throbbing wound. Stacy-Ann is next in the spotlight. Turns out her eyes are very sensitive to wind, and are tearing all over the place and running her makeup. She also tells us that this is the coldest she's been in her whole life, but she still had to look beautiful. Jay says that Stacy-Ann was posing again, and didn't sell. Meanwhile, Fatima rushes to the consulate's office at 8:59.

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