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Whitney is very dramatic during the shoot, because she wants to bring attention to herself. Usually the plus-sized models get cut, she says, and she doesn't want that to be her. Jay thinks she is posing a bit like Miss Plus-Sized America. It's the first week that Whitney slid back as opposed to moving forward. Anya is next to be featured and tears it up. She was trying to be creative and think outside the box, she tells us. With Anya, I think a little boxing wouldn't necessarily hurt. Meanwhile, at 12:45 p.m., Fatima has her travel document! She hopes that she can make it back to the shoot. I feel like Tyra will facilitate a traffic jam just to prevent such a happy ending from occurring.

Back at the shoot, Dominique is giving Jay Remedial Posing 101. It's something that you'd expect a model to do, but never really want a model to do, he says. Everything that Dominique does is something that we expect but don't want, isn't it? At 2:06, meanwhile, Fatima is in the limo on the way back to the airport. She halfheartedly asks the driver to speed up. Fatima needs to watch more of The Amazing Race. Katarzyna is the last girl to be featured in the shoot. As Fatima rolls in at 2:55, she sees the wardrobe people leaving. She interviews that the judges base your performance on the photo shoot, so if you don't have a photo, you go home. Unless you love Jesus or are having some sort of meth withdrawal or something. Then you usually get a pass.

With the shoot over, Jay tells the girls to grab their luggage and head inside the hangar. They are expecting some warmth and maybe a cookie or Wolfgang Puck pre-made sandwich from a stand, but instead they are surprised to find the panel waiting for them. It's an ominous sight, to be sure. Tyra welcomes them, and says that there is going to be an elimination right now. And then she notices that one of her lambs is missing, and asks where Fatima is. It's 3:09 and Fatima is still in the limo. She knows she missed the photo shoot, and wonders what's going to happen to her. Beatings! Or a one-year internship at The Tyra Banks Show. Six of one, you know? We head to commercials.

When we return, we enter panel with a photo of Tyra as a kicky-legged flight attendant. She, like, does not even fit in that little plane. We see her once again asking where Fatima is, and Anya says they don't know. Fatima comes scurrying in with some crazy-ass windblown hair and her puffy jacket. All the other girls, of course, are still in their cute clothes from the shoot. Tyra sternly asks where she was. Fatima explains the whole business about the travel documents, and apologizes for missing the shoot. Tyra says that sometimes when a girl is sick, they'll evaluate her whole body of work, but that missing a photo shoot is a big deal. Tyra is really putting her acting lessons to work with this one. In the history of ANTM, she says, the girls who miss the shoots generally go home. The other girls totally all cross their fingers.

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