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The Unfriendly Skies

Tyra then explains why they're having judging in an airplane hangar. Turns out that immediately after panel the girls will get on a plane and go to the abroad location TBD. Tyra isn't telling them where, because sometimes the whooping and screaming have to be saved for later. There are prizes, there are judges. Paulina is wearing a freaking beret. The guest judge is Jay Manuel. Well, that's convenient.

Katarzyna is up first for her evaluation. The judges look at the composite photo. She's at the end of the line, but it doesn't matter. Nigel thinks her shot looks like a vintage airline poster. Tyra thinks that the shot is fabulous, and that she correctly summoned some poise and conceit from within. Lauren is next, in the cutest coat and hat ever. She explains about her thumb accident, and Tyra totally proceeds to teach her how to chop an onion. In the group shot, Lauren gets the feature position, and Jay loves how she's utilizing her tippy-toes. Paulina thinks she looks very 1940s, and Nigel agrees that she's stunning. Miss J. adds that she has none of her usual hunch in the photo, and Tyra asks why she is gorgeous in her pictures and all Quasimodo in person. Jay and Nigel talk about how great she was at the party, and Lauren says she doesn't know why she's such a stooge at judging.

Dominique is next. Tyra likes her booty tooch, and Paulina thinks it's nice as well. Nigel says that she nailed it for the first time. I love how the judges always say the exact opposite of what Jay says during the shoots. Stacy-Ann is next. She looks like an amputee. Nigel notes that at the party she seemed quite fake, and like she was presenting something. He wants her to be more natural and normal. Paulina agrees, and says that she was like a human car show at the party. Jay gives Stacy-Ann credit for managing a decent photo with the tearing eyes. Tyra tells Stacy-Ann that she needs how to work her strong jaw. Then there's Whitney. Jay thinks it's the most natural looking shot for her, whereas when she was in the featured spot during the shoot it was "so pageantry." Tyra thinks she could be a little less America's Next Top Miss America, and Nigel tells her that she was the other person at the party who came off as fake. Whitney appears to be gobsmacked. Paulina notes that Whitney could use a little of Lauren in her, and vice versa.

Anya is next. She worked the room at the party and was herself, which Nigel loved. Tyra didn't expect Anya to do well at the party, given her whack accent, but was proven wrong. Her best shot is pretty great. Jay says that no matter what position she was in, she stood out. Nigel likes it as well. And then there's Fatima, who doesn't have a picture. So she gets no commentary, and we head straight to the judges' deliberation! But not before learning that Lauren is the Cover Girl of the Week! Hoping that Fatima would choke on a cup of coffee and all!

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